Excerpts from the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon - Samehh

Parent Root: / סך Action: Cover, Watch, Keep, Shut, Hire, Dwell Concrete: Booth, Hedge, Shrub, Chamber, Cage, Wage, Dwelling Abstract: ? Pictograph: The pictograph is a picture of a thorn representing protection, the is a picture of the palm of the hand representing a covering. Combined these mean "protective covering". Definition: The watcher over the crops, flock or herd, would construct a covering (booth) as a shelter from the sun, wind or rain. These coverings were often constructed on an elevated position, and from materials readily available such as bushes, thorns and small trees.
Word: סך (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: BOOTH / Stickerbush Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: שך 5519, 7899, 7900
Word: מסך (Masc) Transliteration: ma-sak Trans: CANOPY Definition: The covering of a temporary shelter. Strong's: 4539
Word: סוכה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BARB Definition: As a barbed thorn. Alternate Spelling: שכה 7905
Word: סוכה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BOUGH Definition: As used for making booths. Strong's: 7754
Word: סכין (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: KNIFE Definition: A sharp point like a thorn. Alternate Spelling: שכין 7915
Child Root: סכך Definition: The intertwining branches of thorn bushes for making a defensive wall.
Word: שכך (Verb) Transliteration: sa-khak Trans: FENCE.AROUND Definition: To surround with a wall of protection or covering. To encompass completely. Strong's: 5526
Child Root: סוך Definition: The booth is a covering.
Word: סכה (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: LOOK.FORTH Definition: ? Strong's: n/a
Child Root: סוך Definition: The booth is a covering.
Word: סוך (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: HEDGE Definition: To surround as hedge of protection. Alternate Spelling: שוך 7753
Word: סוך (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: BOOTH Definition: A dwelling place. Alternate Spelling: שך 5520
Word: סוכה (Fem) Transliteration: su-kah Trans: BOOTH Definition: A temporary shelter; a small enclosure; dwelling place. Strong's: 5521
Word: מסוכה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: HEDGE Definition: As a wall of thorns. Alternate Spelling: משכה / משוכה 4534, 4540, 4881
Child Root: יסך Definition: ?
Word: מוסך (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: BOOTH Definition: ? Strong's: 4329
Child Root: סיך Definition: ?
Word: סיך (Masc) Transliteration: si-ahh Trans: SHRUB Definition: A low-growing, usually severally stemmed bush or woody plant, as used for making booths. Alternate Spelling: שיח 7880
Word: סיכות (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BOOTH Definition: ? Strong's: 5522
Child Root: סכי Definition: ?
Word: סכוי (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: COVERING Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: שכוי 7907
Adopted Root: חסך Definition: ? Rel: keeping something covered
Word: חסך (Verb) Transliteration: hha-sakh Trans: KEEP.BACK Definition: To hold something back or restrain. Alternate Spelling: חשך 2820
Adopted Root: לשך Definition: ?
Word: לישכה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: CHAMBER Definition: A room or open area within a structure. Strong's: 3957
Adopted Root: סגר Definition: ? Rel: an enclosure
Word: סגר (Verb) Transliteration: sa-gar Trans: SHUT Definition: To close or block an opening. Alternate Spelling: סכר 5462, 5463, 5534
Word: מסגר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: PRISON / Smith Definition: A place for shutting up. Strong's: 4525
Word: סגור (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: ENCLOSURE Definition: As shut in. Strong's: 5458
Word: סגור (Masc) Transliteration: sa-gur Trans: BLINDNESS Definition: Sightless; unquestioning, as having no regard to rational discrimination, guidance or restriction. As a shutting of the eyes. Strong's: 5575
Word: מסגרת (Fem) Transliteration: mis-ge-ret Trans: RIM Definition: The edge of a region, hole, etc. , in the sense of enclosing. Strong's: 4526
Word: סוגר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: CAGE Definition: As shut in. Strong's: 5474
Word: סגריר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: HEAVY.RAIN Definition: ? Strong's: 5464
Adopted Root: סכן Definition: ? Rel: as a covering of stores
Word: סכן (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: BENEFIT Definition: To be of use, service or profit in order that one may benefit from it. Strong's: 5532, 5533
Word: מסכן (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: POOR Definition: One who benefits from others generosity. Strong's: 4542
Word: מסכנה (Fem) Transliteration: mis-ke-nah Trans: STOREHOUSE Definition: Places for storing foods or other items for future benefit. Strong's: 4543
Word: מסכנות (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: POVERTY Definition: Those who rely on benefits from others. Strong's: 4544
Adopted Root: סכר Definition: A payment of wages or reward for services. Rel: as a covering for services
Word: שכר (Verb) Transliteration: sha-khar Trans: HIRE Definition: Payment for labor or personal services; to engage the personal service of another. Strong's: 7936
Word: שכר (Masc) Transliteration: se-kher Trans: WAGE Definition: The reward or price paid for one's labor. Strong's: 7938, 7939
Word: שכיר (Masc) Transliteration: se-khir Trans: HIRELING Definition: One who is hired for service and receives compensation. Strong's: 7916
Word: סכירה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: HIRELING Definition: One who is hired for service. Alternate Spelling: שכירה 7917
Word: אסכר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: PAYMENT Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: אשכר 814
Word: מסכורת (Fem) Transliteration: mas-ko-ret Trans: PAYMENT Definition: Something that is paid. Alternate Spelling: משכרת 4909
Adopted Root: שכן Definition: ?
Word: שכן (Verb) Transliteration: sha-khan Trans: DWELL Definition: To remain for a time; to live as a resident; to stay or sit in one location for an indeterminate duration. Strong's: 7931, 7932
Word: שכן (Masc) Transliteration: she-khen Trans: DWELLER Definition: The resident of a region. Also a habitation, the place of residence. Strong's: 7933, 7934
Word: משכן (Masc) Transliteration: mish-kan Trans: DWELLING Definition: A place of habitation or residence. Strong's: 4907, 4908

Parent Root: / סר Action: Rule, Turn, Bind, Knead, Correct, Commit, Twist Concrete: Ruler, Bread, Ornament, Brier, Halter Abstract: Noble, Instruction, Remnant Pictograph: The pictograph is a picture of a thorn representing a turning, the is a picture of a head. Combined these mean "turn the head". Definition: The turning of the head to another direction. One who rules turns the people to his direction. The turning the head of the child or student into a particular direction.
Word: סר (Masc) Transliteration: sar Trans: NOBLE Definition: Possessing outstanding qualities or properties. Of high birth or exalted rank. One who has authority. May also mean "heavy" from the weight of responsibility on one in authority. Alternate Spelling: שר 5620, 8269
Word: סרה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: NOBLEWOMAN Definition: A female of authority. Alternate Spelling: שרה 8282
Word: סרי (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: PRINCESS Definition: A female of authority. Strong's: n/a
Word: מסרה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: LORD Definition: A body of people who turns the head of the people through power and legislation. Alternate Spelling: משרה 4951
Word: סרן (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: LORD / Axle Definition: One who has authority. An axle for the turning wheel. Strong's: 5633
Word: מסור (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: SAW Definition: An instrument that cuts with a back and forth action. Strong's: 4883
Child Root: סרר Definition: ?
Word: סרר (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: TURN Definition: To turn away from the correct path toward another direction. Alternate Spelling: שרר 5637, 7786, 8323
Child Root: אסר Definition: The yoke is bound to the neck of the oxen and used by the driver to turn the head of the oxen. A yoke was also used for prisoners. A binding of someone or something to move it by force.
Word: אסר (Verb) Transliteration: a-sar Trans: TIE.UP Definition: To wrap or fasten with a cord. Strong's: 631
Word: אסר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: DECREE Definition: A decree that binds others to the will of the ruler. Strong's: 633
Word: אסיר (Masc) Transliteration: a-sir Trans: PRISONER Definition: One who is bound or confined. Strong's: 615, 616
Word: אסור (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: BONDS Definition: A device for restraining a prisoner. Strong's: 612, 613
Word: איסר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: BOND Definition: ? Strong's: 632
Child Root: סאר Definition: The twisting and turning of the bread.
Word: שאור (Masc) Transliteration: se-or Trans: LEAVEN Definition: The element that causes bread to rise, such as salt or yeast. Strong's: 7603
Word: משארת (Fem) Transliteration: mish-eret Trans: KNEADING.BOWL Definition: The vessel used for mixing bread dough. Strong's: 4863
Child Root: סהר Definition: ?
Word: סהר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: ROUND Definition: Something that is round. Strong's: 5469
Word: סוהר (Masc) Transliteration: so-har Trans: PRISON Definition: A place of confinement. Strong's: 5470
Word: סהרון (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: ORNAMENT Definition: A round object. Alternate Spelling: שהרן 7720
Child Root: סרה Definition: ?
Word: סרה (Verb) Transliteration: sa-rah Trans: TURN.AWAY Definition: To deviate from the correct path toward another direction. Alternate Spelling: שרה 8280
Child Root: סור Definition: The halter is bound to the ox in order to turn its head in the right direction.
Word: סור (Verb) Transliteration: sur Trans: TURN.ASIDE Definition: To change the location, position, station, or residence; to remove. The hiphil (causative) form means "remove." Alternate Spelling: שור 5493, 7787
Word: סור (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: DEGENERATE Definition: Something that is turned away. Strong's: 5494
Word: סורה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: TURNING.ASIDE Definition: A change in location, position, station or residence, usually as a revolt. Strong's: 5627
Word: מסורת (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BOND Definition: What binds one to someone or something. Strong's: 4562
Word: מסורה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: QUANTITY Definition: A large amount. Alternate Spelling: משורה 4884
Child Root: יסר Definition: The turning the head, through instruction or force, of the child or student into a particular direction.
Word: יסר (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: CORRECT Definition: To make a preferred change in direction through instruction or chastisement. Strong's: 3256
Word: מוסר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: INSTRUCTION / Bond Definition: Knowledge, information or example imparted to provide guidance, correction and discipline. Strong's: 4561, 4147, 4148
Word: יסור (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: REPROVER Definition: As a turning. Strong's: 3250
Word: יסור (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: DEPART Definition: As a turning. Strong's: 3249
Child Root: סיר Definition: ?
Word: סיר (Masc) Transliteration: sir Trans: POT Definition: A vessel used for cooking or storing. Strong's: 5518
Adopted Root: מסר Definition: ? Rel: turning
Word: מסר (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: COMMIT Definition: ? Strong's: 4560
Adopted Root: סרב Definition: ? Rel: sharp
Word: סרב (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: THORN.SPIKE Definition: ? Strong's: 5621
Adopted Root: סרד Definition: ? Rel: a remnant
Word: סרד (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: REMAIN Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: שרד 8277
Word: שרד (Masc) Transliteration: se-red Trans: BRAIDED.WORK Definition: Finely made articles of clothing made by weaving together fibers. Strong's: 8278, 8279
Word: סריד (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: REMNANT Definition: What is left behind. Alternate Spelling: שריד 8300
Adopted Root: סרח Definition: A remnant that is in excess or is not needed or wanted. Rel: a remnant
Word: סרח (Verb) Transliteration: sa-rah Trans: OVERHANG Definition: To proceed beyond any given or supposed limit or measure. To extend beyond proper bounds. To be superfluous. Strong's: 5628
Word: סרח (Masc) Transliteration: se-rahh Trans: OVERHANG Definition: What is left over. A remnant. Residue or overhanging. Strong's: 5629
Adopted Root: סרס Definition: A castrated male and often used as officers. Rel: rule
Word: סריס (Masc) Transliteration: sa-ris Trans: EUNUCH Definition: A castrated man. As eunuchs were used as officers, may also mean an officer. Strong's: 5631
Adopted Root: סרע Definition: Something of an unusual or excessive length. Rel: a remnant
Word: סרע (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: EXCEED Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: שרע 8311
Adopted Root: סרך Definition: The laces of the sandal that are twisted around the foot and ankles.
Word: סרך (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: TWIST Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: שרך 8308
Word: סרך (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: OVERSEER Definition: ? Strong's: 5632
Word: סרוך (Masc) Transliteration: se-rokh Trans: LACE Definition: A cord or string used to draw the edges of shoes or a garment together, as twisted around the foot for attaching sandals. Alternate Spelling: שרוך 8288
Adopted Root: רזן Definition: ?
Word: רזן (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: ADMINISTRATE Definition: ? Strong's: 7336
Word: רזון (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: ADMINISTRATOR Definition: ? Strong's: 7333
Adopted Root: רסן Definition: ? Rel: turning the head
Word: רסן (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: HALTER Definition: For leading an animal. Strong's: 7448 4
Adopted Root: טפסר Definition: ? 4
Word: טיפסר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: CAPTAIN Definition: ? Strong's: 2951 4
Adopted Root: סרפד Definition: ? Rel: turning 4
Word: סירפד (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: BRAMBLE.BUSH Definition: ? Strong's: 5636

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