Edenics: Hebrew roots found in English words
By Jeff A. Benner

Etymology, the study of word origins, is a very interesting area of language study. Throughout our life we use thousands of words never stopping to ponder their origins or relationships to other words. Words can often be traced back through time and other languages to discover their origins and original meanings. Our purpose here is show a common relationship between Hebrew and English words and their meanings. This area of study is what has become called "Edenics."

All languages are based on a root system where a common set of letters can be found in different words of similar meaning. For example the English words FoLiage, FLora and FLower all have a similar meaning and are derived from an ancient FL root which probably meant "plant."

The Hebrew word for "fruit" is פרי (periy) which is derived from the parent root פר (PR). Many of the English words for different types of fruit come from this PR Hebrew root including PeaR, aPRicot, PRune and PeRsimmon. Over time words evolve as they are transferred from one language or culture to another. One type of evolutionary change is the reversal of letters such as in the word gRaPe which is another fruit word from the PR root. Another type of evolutionary change is the exchange of one letter sound for a different similar sounding word. One common exchange of sounds is the R sound for the L sound such as we see in the fruit words apPLe and PLum which have evolved from the PR root. Another is the P to B or F giving us BeRry and the word FRuit, both evolved forms of the PR root.

The Hebrew word for "grain" is בר (BR - bar). In English we have the words BaRley (a type of grain), BaRn (a place for storing grain) and BeeR (made from grains).

Of all the sounds that the human voice can create, their are seven unique groups of sounds and any one sound in one group can easily be changed to another sound within the same group over time.

Vowels (breath sounds)a,e,i,o,uא, ה, ו, י,
Labials (lip sounds)b,f,p,v,wב, ו, פ
Gutterals (throat sounds)hard c,g,h,j,k,x,yג, ה, ח, כ, ע, ק
Liquids (tounge sounds)l,rל, ר
Nasals (nose sounds)m,nמ, נ
Dentals (tooth sounds)d,tד, ט, צ, ת
Whistling fractives (whistle sounds)soft c,s,z,sh,thז, ס, ש

These above principles of etymology are called "Grimm's Law" and can easily be seen in the following examples of Hebrew roots and the English words derived from them.

English Words from Hebrew words Derived from Parent Roots
AD ood firepoker wood
AH ah sigh ah
AH oiy woe, disaster, pain woe, ow
AL el, al power elk, all
AM amah cubit, an arm length arm
AN aniy I I, me
AR 'or light (brings order) order
ASh esh, ash fire ash
ASh iysh man, each man each
AT et, at at, with at
BH bah, beh fill a void be, via
BZ buz plunder buzzard (a bird that plunders)
BL bal flow, roll ball, bowl, bullet, flow, affluence
BN ben son, building stone beam
BN beyn between between
BQ baq pour out, empty vacate, vaccume
BR bar grain, fat, soap pure, barley, beer, boar, bear, barn
BSh bash shame bashful, abash
BT beyt/beth house, (second letter) both, bed
GB gabh dug out cave
GD gud tendon (used for cord) cord, gut, guitar (strings originally made of gut cords)
GL gal round, skull skull
GM gam foot game (from latin meaning leg)
GR garon throat grown, growl
DD dad breast, beloved teat, udder, dad
DL dal door door
DM damah silent, dumb dumb
DN diyn judge damn
DR hadar honor, ornament adore
DSh doosh tread dash
HB habh gift (what is given) have
HD had shout hoot
HH hu he he, she, them, they
HR har hill hill
ZB zubh puss seep
ZH zeh this, that, which this, that, the, so
ZQ zaq bind shackle
ZHh hhaz gaze gaze
HhN hhen camp home
HhS hhasah refuge house
HhsH hhush quiet hush
HhT hhat break hate
ThP tapap trip trip
ThR tur wall, mountain range tower
ThSh tush pounce toss
ThTh tet basket tote
YD yad hand, arm yard (length of arm)
YSh yesh there is yes, is
KS cus cup, pocket, cover case
KP caph palm, cover cap, cuff
KR cor hole, dug out core, bore
KT catat crush cut
LB lebh heart love, liver
LB labhabh glisten, flame lava
LD yalad child lad
LHh lahh moist liquid
LK halak walk walk
LL yalal howl yell
LQ laq lick lick
MG mag magic magic
MD madah extend, wide meta (greek for large)
MK muk thin, poor meek
ML malal reduce mill
MN min kind, species, from man, name, animal
MQ moq mock mock
MR mar bitter marine, marsh
MR mahar exchange mirror
MT mut death mute, moot point
NG nahag drive nag
ND nad mounds, wave, wander nod, wander
ND nod nod nod
NN nun continue new
SD sad foundation, level sod
SK sak booth shack
SK sukah view seek
SN sane hate sin
SP saph lip sup, supper, sip
SP saphah lip, speak speak, speach
SQ saq sack sack, sock
SR sar lord, prince sir
GhL ghal yoke collar
GhN ayin eye eye
GhP ghoph bird avion
GhR yaghar forest jungle
PG pag unripe fig
PD pad disappear fade
PL naphal fall fall
PR par bull bull
PR parar break break
PR periy fruit fruit, pear, apricot, apple, berry, fertile, ripe
TsD tsad side side
TsH tsion mark, sign sign, son
TsP tsaph whisper, watch spy
TsR tsa'ar pain sore
TsR atsar store up store
QD qad bow the head head, hat
QB qev hole cave, cove
QL qal voice call
QL qlon disgrace clown
QN qanah acquire, purchase coin
QR qara call, meet occur, cry, call
RG rag bad wrong
RG arag weave rug
RG harag kill harange
RHh riych scent reak
RTs erets earth, land earth
RSh rosh head raise (as in the head)
ShN shin teeth shine
ShP shaph serpent sharp, serpent
ShP yashaph jasper jasper
ShSh shesh six six
ShT sheyt sit set, sit, seat
TL tal mound tall
TP taph drum, beat tap
TR tur travel tour, tire

English Words from Hebrew words Derived from Adopted Roots
ALP eleph cattle elephant
BQR baqar cow buckaroo (derived from the spanish word vaquero meaning cow)
GML gamel camel camel
DRK derek way, road direct, track, truck
KPR caphar cover cover
KRT carat cut out create
MShL mashal rule marshal
SPR saphiyr saphire saphire
GhBR obher other side, over over
GhRP gharaph neck girafe
ShLT shalat govern salute
ShVN shibanah seven seven
ShMSh shemesh sun sun