Hebrew Word Studies
By Jeff A. Benner

Letters (Root of the Tree)

Pronunciation: "R"
Picture: Head of a man.
Culture: The head is seen as the top of the body and can be the top or head of anything such as the body, time, mountaintop, rank, etc. This letter can also represent a man.
Meaning: Man

Pronunciation: "N"
Picture: A seed
Culture: A seed is the beginning of new life which came from the parent plant. This cycle will continue for generation after generation.
Meaning: a continuation of life from a seed.

Parent Root (Trunk of the Tree)

Pronunciation: "NeR"
Picture: Seed beginning
Culture: This word literally means to "bring forth light" as well as a "freshly plowed field" because plowing is seen as "the bringing forth of light in the soil", to the ancient Hebrew. In order for a seed to grow/begin, there must be water in the soil. When the ground is plowed the moist soil from underneath, surfaces and shines from the water in the soil which is a sign that the life giving water is present.
Meaning: The beginning of the germination of the seed by water in the soil.

Child Root (Branches of the Tree)

Pronunciation: "NoWR"
Meaning: This root has the more specific meaning "to give off light".
Comments: This child root is derived from the parent root "NeR," formed by placing the vowel "oW" in the middle of the parent root.

Words (Leaves of the Tree)

Pronunciation: "Me-NoW-RaH"
Meaning: A light giver, the lightstand in the Temple which brings light.
Comments: This word is formed by placing the prefix "Me" to the root and the suffix "aH" (indicating a feminine word).
Reference: Exodus 25:31

Pronunciation: "Ta-NuWR"
Meaning: A heat giver, the fire of an oven that gives off light.
Comments: This word is formed by adding the prefix "Ta" to the root.
Reference: Genesis 15:17