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Early Semitic Script

Image credit: Prof. James R. (Jim) Harris and Dann W Hone

AHRC ID#: 04
Date of Writing: c. 1500 BCE
Location of Discovery: Serabit el-Khadim, Sinai Pennisula
Date of Discovery: Early 20th Century
Current Location: Serabit el-Khadim, Sinai Pennisula
Language: Unknown Semitic (Many Semitic words are common among many differnt tribes)
Writing Surface: Stone
Transliteration: Uncertain, possibly;
1. PaT
2. MoT Le'BaGhaLT"
(Reading from top-left to bottom right - 2 lines.)
Translation: Uncertain, possibly;
1. genital
2. death to/for Ba'alt (feminine form of Ba'al)