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Middle Semitic Script

House of YHWH Temple

Image credit: K. C. Hanson

AHRC ID#: 11
Date of Writing: c. 900 BCE
Location of Discovery: Belonged to a private collection, origin unknown
Date of Discovery:
Current Location:
Language: Hebrew
Writing Surface: Pottery
Transliteration: 1. KAShR TsWK . AShY
2. HW . HMLK . LTT . BYD
5. Sh 3
Translation: 1. like which you commanded ashya-
2. -hu the king to give in hand
3. [z]ekaryahu silver tar-
4. -shish to house of YHWH
5. Sh |||

Just as you commanded, Ashyahu the king, to give by the hand of Zekaryahu, silver of Tarshish to the house of Yahweh, 3 Shekels.
(Translation by Jeff A. Benner)

Comments: This inscription is a reciept for 3 shekels given to the Temple of YHWH. The only known inscription identifying the Temple of YHWH.

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