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Learn the Hebrew Alphabet - Lesson 1
Aleph & Beyt

By: Jeff A. Benner


א The "aleph" is the first letter of the Hebrew alephbet. This consonant is silent.

ב The "beyt" is pronounced two different ways. If the letter appears with a "dagesh" in the middle of the letter (), it is pronounced "b" as in ball. If the letter appears without the "dagesh" (ב), it is pronounced "v" as in visit. When the "beyt" is prefixed to a word it means "in" or "with."


אָ The qamats. This vowel, which is placed under the consonant, is pronounced "a" as in father. (Note: The aleph here is not part of the vowel, it is simply used here to show the placement of the vowel only)

אַ The patahh. This vowel is also pronounced "a" as in father.

בַּ אַ בָ בַּ אָ אַ בָּ אַ אָ בָ .1 Audio
בָא בַּא אָב בָּא אַב בַּא .2 Audio

Came (Masc. Verb) בָּא .1 Audio
Father אָב .2 Audio

Father Came. אָב בָּא׃ .1 Audio
Note: the : at the end of the sentence is a Hebrew period.

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