Description: In July 1944 Waldemar Julsrud, a German hardware merchant from Acambaro, Mexico, was riding his horse on the lower slope of El Toro (The Bull) and spotted some partially exposed hewn stones and a ceramic object half buried in the dirt. Over the years a total of 33,700 figurines were uncovered. The figurines depicted hundreds of different dinosaurs, extinct ice age animals, people from all over the world. For a detailed story on the discovery, investigation, scientific and cover-up, read Dr. Dennis Swift’s article The Dinosaurs of Acambaro - Highly Recommended.

Mainstream Theory: The figurines show every evidence of being recent folk art, fraudulently buried in an archeological excavation.

Alternative Theory: A thorough investigation of the figurines reveals that they are authentic. The vast number, artistic quality and anatomical accuracy of the figurines implies authenticity. In addition, the eyewitness accounts of those involved with the original digs as well as more recent digs support this. The scientific dating methods of the figurines has given results between 3,000 and 6,000 years old. Either the dinosaurs and ice age animals survived into this time period or the figurines are much older than the dating methods indicate.