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3-1-2012 Raphah Bethyah writes

It was wonderful to get your email Jeff. On behalf of all YAsarel United Worldwide, I want to thank you for your hard work and sacrificial spirit through your web sites. We have recommended and used them for all seekers and YAHUWans. You are great blessing to The Kingdom of YAH. By the way, I believe we are fellow Mississippians as well!

Yes, we would be delighted to discuss the ancient scriptures with you any time. I have been in AfricAH on mission for a month but do have internet on occasion for emailing. I will return to Oklahoma by 3/13, YAH willing. I would love your response and thoughts about what you have read in OSE1-KC. What do you think of the basics presented in it, especially The Way of Salvation given in the ROS texts? Since the ROS texts are specifically unique, with a roughly 76% agreement with the ben Asher text, we have only the RUWach, the comparative near-original texts, a few supporting primary texts like the MurasUW and our YAH given reason to evaluate the ROS text with. We have never seen any others quite like them but we cannot be sure they are 100% pure originals until we find two other pure Word libraries. We have twelve YAHUWans looking for the one in Egypt now. They great truth in the ROS that excites us is that we have no contraditions in the Nature verses the Law of YAH or in His applications of the Covenant Word of YAH as most of the near-original ancient translations exhibit.

We do believe MatithYAHUW 5:18, that His perfect Original Word does exist on earth. If somehow the ROS is flawed somewhere, then if we seek in love together, His Word assures us that we will find it (YAHUWchanon 14 etc)! So far, the ROS has stood up to every test we have thrown at it. Do you have any basic tests against it which we should consider?

Thanks again for your email and interest in His Eternal Truth,

Your servant under YAHUWAH,


3-1-2012 Jeff A. Benner writes

Shalom Raphah:

Thank you very much for making contact, I was concerned that you would not as you have blocked me from your Youtube channel after I presented the same questions there. But am pleased that we may be able to resolve some issues in a professional manner. To be honest, I have some reservations and concerns about "The Word of Yah," that may or may not be valid.

I never trust English translations, from anyone. I know how often personal bias is interjected into a translation and I much prefer to work with the Hebrew text the translator is using for his translation. Even in one of your videos, which you have since made private, you mentioned that you recognize that this translation is not and cannot be the pure word of God, not can any translation, and I agree. For this reason, I and many others would prefer to see the original scriptures for ourselves rather than use a person's translation of them. If these scrolls truly exist, we expect a publication that includes the Hebrew text.

The Word of Yah only includes the Hebrew for Genesis 1:1 and with that little bit of information I am able to discern much to cause me to question the level of Hebrew experience the translator has. The tests that I would like to perform are strictly textual, not theological. If the textual evidence stands up, then the theology will stand as well. However, if the textual evidence fails, then the theology fails. In order to perform this test, I will need to see images of the Hebrew text to verify their existence and the style of writing used within the text and also compare the text with the Masoretic and the Dead Sea texts.

I have written an article (attached) on "The Word of Yah" translation, based on my limited exposure to the text and the translation. Before I publish it I would like you to have the opportunity to comment on it and provide your evidences, and if possible correct my assumptions and conclusions. As one example, how did you come to the translation of "he is Amazingly Perfect" out of the letter ת in the word בראשית? If the Word of Yah is supported by a Textual Critique, then I will support it and the translation.

Thank you
Jeff & Denise Benner
Ancient Hebrew Research Center

3-1-2012 Raphah Bethyah writes

Dear Jeff,

Is it acceptable to include several YAHUWans in our e-logue please?

first, I do not run any youtube site. I have never blocked anyone from any site I manage. You misjudge me by your presumptions. Please ask first in the future.

Two questions please sir? Do you think Bara Esh YA is possible from Genesis 1:1? What supports your selected name for our Savior?

Anxiously awaiting your response,

your servant,

3-1-2012 Jeff A. Benner writes

Shalom Raphah:

I have no problem with other Yahuwans being included our dialogue. Thank you for asking.

I apologize if I assumed that the Youtube channels were yours, but I have attempted to add a message to the Yahuwans channel and the OriginalScriptures channel and was informed that I have been blocked from these channels, both of which include your videos. In addition, the messages that I had previously posted on those channels, prior to me being blocked, have been removed.

The transliteration of "Bara Esh Ya" for the Hebrew word בראשית is not possible for two reasons. First, a single letter cannot represent one word in Hebrew. Secondly, "Bara Esh Ya" can only be written in Hebrew as ברא אש יה , not בר אש י as is proposed in the Word of Yah. In addition, ברא אש יה (bara esh ya) can only be translated as "fire created Ya" as ברא (bara) is a verb that identifies the subject as third person masculine singular and the noun אש (esh) which follows this verb is that subject, the one doing the creating. The noun יה (yah) would then be the object of the verb, the one being created. In order to get the translation "the creator of man is Yah" the Hebrew text would have to read בורא איש יה (borey iysh ya).

For arguments sake, if בר אש י was three different words as you propose, then it could only be transliterated as "bar esh ya," and since בר (being only two letters) can not be a verb, but instead must be a noun. The Hebrew word בר means "grain" or "pure" (only in Aramaic does בר mean son and since Genesis was written in Hebrew and not Aramaic it cannot mean "son"), then this would be translated as "the grain of fire is Ya" or "the purity of fire is Ya."

I use the name Yehoshua (Hebrew) and Yeshua (Aramaic) for the name of the Savior based on the Masoretic Hebrew text, the LXX and the NT Greek texts.

Jeff A. Benner
Ancient Hebrew Research Center

3-1-2012 Jeff A. Benner writes

Hello Raphah:

I wanted to let you that after more contemplation into the issues we have been discussing, I would like to divide my investigation into two separate issues.

1. The Original Scriptures: The existence, date and origin of the scrolls.
2. The Word of Yah: The accuracy of the translation.

An image of Genesis chapter 1 from the scrolls would suffice to make a preliminary evaluation of both #1 and #2.

Thank you.
Jeff A. Benner
Ancient Hebrew Research Center

3-7-2012 Jeff A. Benner writes

Hello Raphah:

I haven't heard from you in a week. Do you have a response to my previous comments? Thank you.

Jeff A. Benner
Ancient Hebrew Research Center

3-15-2012 Jeff A. Benner writes

Hello Raphah:

Since I have not heard from you concerning the article I intend to publish concerning the Original Scriptures and the Word of Yah, I am assuming that you are declining to comment on the article. Publication of this article is being delayed however due to some additional information that has come to my attention and again I would like to give you the opportunity to respond before this occurs. I have acquired the photo of the "Original Scriptures" you have provided to some individuals and have done some analysis of this photo and would like to share with you my findings before I publish it (file is attached). Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments. Thank you.

Jeff A. Benner
Ancient Hebrew Research Center

3-20-12 Jeff A. Benner writes

To whom it may concern:

I have been convinced, based on my research that the New Testament was originally written in Hebrew, or possibly Aramaic, but definitely not Greek. I believed that at some point, ancient Hebrew manuscripts of the New Testament would be discovered and when I first heard about a new discovery of scrolls, about five years ago that was reported to include the New Testament in Hebrew, I was excited as I thought that this might be the proof I was hoping for.

Like all new discoveries, it new that it takes time for evidence and information to trickle down to scholars and lay people, so I patiently waited to hear more news about this discovery, but also figured that if the story was not true, the story would fade away.

After a few years I didn't hear any more about these scrolls and assumed that the story was incorrect or false and forgot about it. That is until recently when the story resurfaced and was brought to my attention by a number of people emailing me asking my opinion about these scrolls. Again my curiosity was peeked and knew that if this was true, this would be the greatest Biblical discovery, even overshadowing the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

I began searching for information on these scrolls expecting some credible answers and information. Instead I found confusion, mystery and secrecy and I began to doubt the validity of the claims based on the following concerns.

1. The story behind the discovery of the scrolls sounded very incredible, yet there is no documentation or photos of the discovery.

2. The one photograph provided to me that is reported to be from these scrolls is clearly of very recent origin and written by someone who cannot read or write Hebrew.

3. The available translations of these supposed scrolls was done by someone who does not understand Hebrew grammar or syntax.

4. Only one individual, who goes by the name Raphah Bethyah, has claimed to have seen these scrolls or been present at its supposed discovery.

While I am pretty much convinced at this point that the scrolls do not exist, I am open to the possibility, as small as it is, that something was discovered that may be of value to the community of believers. With this hope, I am requesting the following to be provided to myself to support the claims presented at the Original Scriptures website.

1. A photograph of a New Testament scroll with the text visible to verify the age of the scroll and the language of the text.

2. The translator's translation of the text in the requested photograph to verify the translator's ability.

Jeff A. Benner
Ancient Hebrew Research Center

3-21-12 Rapha Bethyah writes

Thank you for email Jeff.

Sorry for the three week delay in continuing our dialogue on the Original Scriptures. I just returned from 6 weeks in the Middle East and AfricAH. From looking at your excellent Hebrew/Christian/Messianic website, which I assume means you minister and teach in the Christian and Messianic religions, you will probably not agree with me but it was very exciting to me to see tens of thousands of new seekers and new believers in El YAH and His Covenant of Life in these areas being converted to The WAY of Righteousness by repenting of breaking the Ten and Two Royal Commandments, being immersed in the Name of the true Scriptural Savior YAHUW for the forgiveness of their sins and receiving the real Image molding Spirit of YAHUWAH and His Ahabi.

Several entire AfricAHn “former but now being found lost seed of AbrAHam” tribes, like the great ZulUW and ShonAH tribes, having suffered terribly under hundreds of years of white racist Christianity, Judaism and their step-child racist Islam with their moral and intellectual abominations to YAHUWAH and YAsarel of colonialism, slavery, lies, physical abuse, female sex slavery, stealing and raping their women and kidnapping their defenseless children, are now throwing off the pagan religions of their former slave masters and returning to the ancient faith of their forefathers and AfricAH, the pure faith of El YAH and the YAH-Man Savior YAHUW. Thousands of them heard the great ancient call of the First Commandment to come out of their misery and foreign houses of bondage and be born from above in the Light of YAHUWAH’s freedom. The oppressed of the Earth are hearing His RUWach and rising up now.

Before we begin, Jeff, I applaud your apparent love for the Original Scriptures and your long hours of putting up your website. I like your “pre-YAHUWan sceptism” and scientific method of truth seeking. We YAHUWans teach and practice that, except that we are not blinded by the Rabbinical traditions of Judaism and its suckling Christianity. We teach pure scientific enquiry, and warn against pre-spun traditions. Some of these religious traps you appear to have fallen into. I would be happy to try and help you see them if you so desire and if you will look at things objectively and not defensively as a pre-judged Christian or Jewish Rabbi.

Thank you for your good partial analysis of the small photograph we use to test the honesty, love-protection for a fellow YAHUWan, translation skill, and general maturity and trustworthiness of seekers and new believer’s with. I’m very pleased that the new seeker who sent it to you was the first one in two years that has failed the important initial honesty and love-protection test. Please forgive him. He is a nice guy but still has to learn The Covenant basic Laws. He still believes the pagan myth that Jesus and Jehovah can save you. It is not a picture of the ROS manuscript but it is a recent copy of a Latter Day test given in the ROS text to help us evaluate seekers for future servant leadership in YAsarel. You are the first one to recognize that it is a recent copy of the ROS text but not the ROS manuscripts, which are reserved only for true primary Word-servants. Congratulations! The obvious new copy and papyri protects me and other YAHUWans from being sent to Iraq for trial for “stealing Iraqi antiquities.” It is amazing how effective and brilliant it is, which convinces me even more in the genius and divine inspiration of the ROS text. Still, none has passed this first level translation skill part yet, but maybe you will be the first to do so! It actually is a test directed from the ROS introductory scroll for this purpose. They knew through the RUWach, exactly what powerful enemies and wide spread skepticism and Scriptural ignorance we would face at the beginning of the Latter Days of the Restoration of YAsarel. I would be very interested in your full translation of it and analysis. Thank you for what you have done. I’m impressed! With your permission, I would like to pass your translation on to our Primary Word-servant Council in the East for evaluation of your caliber.

First, in order for you to translate the AbraYA Scriptures, we will have to help you (and most Christian scholars) get some basic historical and Scriptural terms straight. Your brilliant mind will figure out and discover the rest if you are an honest man, which I will presume you to be unless you prove otherwise. If you do exhibit repeated dishonesty, I will drop our dialogue. I do have a lot of seeker emails to answer daily, plus 5 hours daily of translation plus working my real estate business to pay bills, YAsarel’s growing businesses and caring for my family and my 7454 adopted kids. My time is very stretched but I have great hope for you as a potential great translator and teacher for YAsarel. To understand The Original Scriptures (TOS), you first have to get some primary definitions right.

1) The Original Scriptures (TOS) have never been written in any language except YAHUWan (YAHUWadith), also called “AbraYA.” It will never change, ever. It has been translated into the foreign languages of Hebrew, Abraisti, Aramaic (Assyrian/Babylonian), Hellenic, Coptic and hundreds of other languages. The language of TOS is written as yrbo which is not “Hebrew” or “Ibri” as Christian and Jewish scholars and you falsely teach. The initial ayin insures that you cannot call it by the rabbinical “Ibri” or modern day “Hebrew.” To do so takes out the “YA” which belittles His Name, and breaking the Third Com. It is “AbraYA”, meaning “AbrAHam’s who follow YA.” In the ROS text is often spelled with the ayin being an aleph, but as you know, the aleph can also have an “ah” or “e” sound. The ayin eliminates the “e” option and insures we know that we and our language are “AbraYA”, not the foreign Hebrew, Ibri or Jews.

2) “Jew/Jews/Judah/Judea/Jerusalem/Jesus/Jeremiah/Joshua/Joel/Jacob/Jonah/John/Isaiah/Matthew/Nazareth etc never occur in even the Near-Original Scriptures (NOS). These important level one texts are the Hebrew/Coptic/Assyrian/Greek etc translations of the AbraYA texts. You have studied some of these it appears. Well done. Yet why do you, while knowing the true original words and names, still use the blasphemous counterfeits of the Jews and Christians? Your unfaithfulness to this, which belittles our Savior and Creator is the primary reason your progress toward Original Scripture understanding has stalled. Usually, this Wordless attitude, especially of a brilliant man like you, hurts the faith of and confuses many naïve new seekers when you use hundreds of other Jewish-Christian inventions which belittle YA and YAHUW by eliminating His Eternal Name. Some of the true Scriptural names you are teaching but not very consistently. I do commend you where you have been faithful to the NOS texts, which are the corrupted public texts. The ROS perfected text is only for tested and qualified YAHUWan Word-servants.

3) You know that “YashaYAHUW” is the name of the great prophet most quoted by our Savior. I am amazed however that you appear to be ignorant of the word “Yasha” meaning “Savior/Rescuer/Deliverer!” 140 other prophets also tell us accurate descriptions about our Savior YAHUW. I have a hard time understanding how a scholar of your experience and knowledge could not understand “YeshaYAHUW” or “YermeYAHUW” and so confidently follow the Jewish rabbi with their counterfeit “Yahweh” and “Yeshua.” Is there even one prophet or place in all the Hebrew ancient writings where uwa-hey is pronounced “weh”? I don’t know of one yet you and other Christian scholars follow the rabbi’s blindly like they are El YAH Himself. Come on Jeff. Use that brilliant brain YAHUWAH gave you and think objectively! Smash your Jewish Rabbi idolatry! You could be the first Primary Word Servant of YAsarel-AmericAH and the West if you do this. If you keep on like you are, you will just be another of those thousands of tradition blinded foreign scholars deceived by Shatan’s religious wilderness.

4) YAHUWAH morally, ethically and essentially is not “Yahweh” or “the Lord”, the elohim you presently serve and worship according to your website and writings. Please correct me if you have changed. Yahweh, by his own words (Jewish/Christian texts and translations) is horribly inconsistent in his goodness and love. He protects murderers (like Cain), murders children (the world wide flood, Sodom, Gomorrah, Lev 20:8, Numbers 31 etc), advocates genocide, theft of property, murders surrendered soldiers, their wives, children and animals (Exodus, Num 31), stones to death unbelievers, adulterers, false prophets, and even disobedient children! Our true Savior YAHUW forgave adulterers and loved families and children. He forbids slavery and racism of all kinds, period! He also forbids bowing down to crosses, belittling His Name, ignoring Shabath, dishonoring fathers and mothers in YAHUWAH, murder, adultery, stealing, lying and envy. In contrast, Yahweh approves and practices all the above through his religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He and his false saviors Iesus, Esus, Isa, Yesu, Yesus, and now new comer Yeshua and Jesus advocate slavery (Lev 25 etc), murder of unborn children, abuse of women, concubines and “witch hunting” as has his church for 1700 years. Many Christian southerners in your area still believe in slavery and that all blacks are cursed by god through Ham’s 3400 year old sin and created to serve whites. That is what their Yahweh/Jehovah/Lord Holy Bibles teach. Are you not a hypocrite advocating their faith yet not preaching also all the above abominations in their Holy Bibles? Your pseudo-intellectual pseudo-historical support of Judaism and Christianity is being used by Shatan to keep many seekers in confusion. You may actually be an honest man, like Paul, who just needs a Damascus road “wake up” encounter. Your wife sure won’t agree with those Yahweh concubines for “godly men.” Ask her!

Please answer the questions above and then your turn to critically analyze our YAHUWan faith. You will bless us by doing so. We love to be criticized by intelligent men. It makes us stronger, so thanks ahead of time for your reply.

Your loving enemy-friend,

3-22-12 Jeff A. Benner writes

Raphah Bethyah:

I am not interested in learning your interpretations of Hebrew when you yourself are unable to read Hebrew and I will use the following quote from you to prove this.

Raphah Wrote: I am amazed however that you appear to be ignorant of the word “Yasha” meaning “Savior/Rescuer/Deliverer!”

While you are claiming I am ignorant of the meaning of "yasha," it is apparent that it is you who are ignorant of Hebrew and are clearly unable to read a word of Hebrew. Instead you are using Strong's Concordance and Dictionary to create your Hebrew vocabulary. How do I know this? Because "yasha" does not mean Savior and is not a word that ever appears in the Hebrew Bible. Yasha (ישע) is not a Hebrew a word, it is a root.

If you look up the word "Savior," such as is found in Isaiah 19:20, in Strong's dictionary the dictionary will state that the word is ישע - yasha. Many people are not aware, including you, that Strong's only supplies the root word, not the word that is found in the text. The Hebrew word translated as "Savior" is the word מושיע (moshia), which is the hiphil participle form of the root ישע (yasha), but you will never find the word מושיע (moshia) in Strong's dictionary, only its roots. You claim to be translating Hebrew, but after reading all your writings and watching your videos it is very clear that you cannot read or understand Hebrew.

I will however provide you an opportunity to prove me wrong. Can you explain the morphology of the Hebrew word התבראו? Anyone who can read Hebrew to the level you claim to be able to do should be able to do this with no problem.

As for the photograph of the "Original Scriptures," you have presented this to others in the past as an actual photograph of the text, but now that it has been revealed that this is a modern written text you are changing your story and calling it a test. Only a child will cover up a lie with another lie.

My repeated requests for answers to you have been ignored, but I will give you one more opportunity to prove your claims by providing me the following.

1. A photograph of a New Testament scroll with the text visible to verify the age of the scroll and the language of the text.

2. The translator's translation of the text in the requested photograph to verify the translator's ability.

If you can provide me the morphology of התבראו and I am provided the above New Testament text and translation, and they are not another faked document I will support you. However, if you are unable to verify your claims with any evidence, I will publish my findings and expose this charade. I assure you I will not share any photograph you provide me with anyone and it will remain with me and me alone. I am not interested in any other dialogue until these requests are met and the only response I need from you is a yes or no to my requests.

Jeff A. Benner
Ancient Hebrew Research Center

3-25-12 Raphah Bethyah writes

Dear Pedro and Jeff,

It appears that it does not matter how many times, I remind you and others about MtYAHUW 18 (going to a brother personally first), you continually want to cc a bunch of people and do it the pagan way and grandstand. Unless you repent, this is the last email I will send to you. I'm busy with seekers who don't believe in slavery and child sacrifice who want to know the real Word of YAH. Jeff, you came to fight and grandstand from the very beginning. You haven't answered even one of my questions but miraclously tell me what I said to Pedro was a lie, even though you were not there. Hmmm? That tells me you just want to slander, mock and protect your many book published lucrative regious business of "Yahweh, Yeshua, Israel, Yehudii, Church and their Latin pagan Catholic savior Iesus. I am through with your charade and smoke blowing tirades. I have honest people to talk to.

You continue to cry out to show you the ROS texts but you will not follow even Mt 18 of the KJV! You want proof of YAsarel, YA'acob, YAsaac, YAoseph, YAHUW, YashaYAHUW, YermeYAHUW and YAHUWAH, yet you won't study the 13000 texts El YAH has given you. You still insist on equating Jewish/Christian/Catholic substitutions like Jehovah and Yahweh with YAHUWAH and YAHUW and wonder why you are not worthy of studying the ROS? "Can you show us just one prophet that carries "Yahweh" against the 140 prophets who YAsarel can show you? You have sided against the ROS and with the ignorant pagan Yehudi god of Jeff called Yahweh who enslaves folks, abuses women, kills children, tolerates concubines and stones to death unbelievers and adulterers. OK my ole friend, go worship that avatar of Shatan for a while. He will guide you right to eternal death in the lake of fire. You were warned but you do not listen, or even care enough to really think for 20 minutes.

You mock the precious copy of the ROS text (letters) I sent you. You call them a fake and a scam. You never tried translating them did you? Jeff couldn't either. If you held the ROS texts in your hand, you still would not believe in YAHUWAH alone or His Covenant of Life. That's is why neither you or Jeff preach Shabath to your family and supporters and friends. You and Jeff go on promoting the same ole slavery, woman raping, child murdering, land grabbing, genocide promoting paganism you do now. Your precious father at least saw the AbraYA truth but you have kept him from hearing the The Way to Eternal Life. You left him believing in Jehovah. Shame on you Pedro. Your own precious father and mother! Your family's blood is on your hands. If I can find them, I will go do your job and tell them about YAHUWAH and His Covenant!

YAsarel East and I (all imaginery people) gave you the truth that nobody else has ever given you. It makes perfect sense to even a 12 year old, but you "Hebrew geniuses" reject your invitation to believe in the only Pure Creator and saving King YAHUW, and choose to follow pagan deities that no intelligent person follows. Really, do you deserve to have ever seen even a copy of The ROS Covenant? You blaspheme what is The Way to Eternity to YAHUWAH! It is you who have crossed the line. Those ROS letters spell out the Covenant of Salvation and YAHUWAH's saving Name. You have blasphemed both the Covenant and by extension, His QadUWsha Name written in it. There is no sinless place left for you. You blaspheme and belittle The Covenant and yet want to see more? Go back to your Judaism or Catholic Christianity, or Hinduism, whatever. You blaspehemed His Way. You are done.

Like Jeff, you will be much more popular with your Jehovah Witnesses and other ignorant people, except you have been told about the Great YAHUWAH who has no evil in Him. You and Jeff and others have no excuse. No wonder YAHUWAH stopped you from translating His Eternal Word for the Hispanic peoples. We will find a true Covenant YAHUWan who practices The Word. Neither you or Jeff have expressed one word of concern for the 124 men you would have put in mortal danger. You simply don't care. If you ever repent of your selfishness and turn to the real AhabiYA of YAHUWAH and get converted, you will know the love we have for fellow YAHUWans. It is an essential sign, along with Shabath keeping, for any true believer.

You go with Jeff and his Christian Messianics that preach Yisrael (Almighty Yi reigns), and Yerushaloyim (the exhalted peace of Ye) and Yehoshua (Yeho is salvation) and Yoel (Yo is the Almighty). You go tell everybody that "Yasha" is only the root word for "Savior", therefore it doesn't mean "The Savior is." Yeah, ole Jeff is really a brilliant scholar. My 9 year old granddaughters know better than that Pharisaism. He can't read or translate any of the 140 prophets names cause none of them talk about Yahweh or Yeshua. He needs Yeshua to keep all the "Jesus" money coming. He ignores "YEmak SHemo UzekrA" (make his Name be destroyed) from the 8th century rabbii. You both are doing a good job of joining the Yehudi rabbii in that blasphemy as well! The Yehudi too will love it. Just don't be a hyprocrite and leave out slavery, slave rape, genocide and child murder that Jeff and crowd does. Be a man of truth and at least be honest with your listeners. Jeff calls all my sincere questions "a charade." Yet why don't either one of you try to be decent enough to answer them. I was courteous to answer you (although you mocked my answers) but you won't even try to answer mine. Is that not hypocritical?

And you really think you deserve to see the ROS for yourselves? You can't even see YA in "YAsarel" or in the "YAHUWdAH" or the "AbraYA" or the YAH in "AhleleUYAH" or YAHUW in YashaYAHUW and YermeYAHUW! No, you are like the thief that can't find a policeman or the mafia chief who can't find the 10 Commandments against murder and thievery. Go show yourself approved by your actions, then we can talk again.

I'll still pray for your JW and Yehudi blinders to fall. Maybe there is still a glimmer of hope for your conversion if I do. By the way, I have never asked you to curse anyone. YAsarel is in the redeeming business, just like our Almighty YAH of Love.


3-25-12 Raphah Bethyah writes

Hey David and Jeff,

Thank you for following MtY 18. That was nice.

Now step back and look at what you are wasting your life propagating guys! It really is simple to prove the Jewish torah is not the real TorAH of El YAH! Let your wifes settle this issue for you. Go tell read your wives the relevant parts of your Jewish torah and explain to her that her Creator's will is for you and Jeff to get another wife under the "pure Torah." Wouldn't you like to have another beautiful woman by Elohim's Yahweh torah? Maybe it could be a slave girl you could rape and not put her to death since she was a slave (Lev 19). Yeah, you go preach that awesome pure wholesome word of yahweh and the "LORD" and please, let me know what your wives say about your "pure torah" religion heh? I bet they will follow the Universal Word of YAHUWAH which He put in their heart and tell you hypocrites to leave their house asap! Let me know how it works out for you? Your wives might be "torah deceivers" and changers just like me! Or could it be you who are just too stupid to be consistent and look at what you are teaching to alot of ignorant naive people who blindly follow you right now?

Wake up guys! Use those brilliant minds YAHUWAH gave you! You two should be leading the effort to train up a bunch of qualified Word servants to translate the ROS text rather than pissing on it with your mockery. You should be helping us translate P-45, P-46 and B19a instead of fighting us. You will lose this fight in the end if you stay with the pagan gods (elohim) of Yahweh. He is an immoral Covenant breaking elohim. A 12 year old can tell you that about that polluted Jewish torah!

PS- Be careful in your published criticism of The ROS text. If you continue to evaluate it by that pagan Massoretic text, calling it "the Hebrew Bible", as if that is our primary source, you could face legal slander charges which you will have to prove or pay a fine for. Losing your money could help your neurons work better though! Hate for you guys to lose that lucrative Jesus money when you have worked so hard for it. Just a friendly word of advice.

Always praying for your conversion, or at least return to consistent reason,


4-6-12 Jeff A. Benner writes

In my previous emails I mentioned that I have done some research into the Original Scriptures and the Word of Yah and before publishing any of this material I offered you a chance to respond to my specific questions and concerns. As you have decided to ignore these I have now published the material and am letting you know. If you still wish to respond to my questions and refute my findings please feel free to do so.


Jeff A. Benner
Ancient Hebrew Research Center

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