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Insights into Ralph Bathea and the Word of Yah
David Gooley

When I first learned of the Word of Yah aka King's Covenant, I was very interested since this would be like a dream come true. However, I started to notice some discrepancies in what Ralph aka Raphah was saying. The biggest discrepancy was Ralph's theological beliefs. Every time he would say יהוה didn't command something, it was the exact opposite of what the Scriptures stated. Some of Ralph's theological beliefs included Abraham was never commanded to offer up Yitshaq, commonly known as Isaac, slavery was never commanded and marriage to more than one woman was never permitted. Genesis 22:1-2, Exodus 21:1-6 and Exodus 21:10-11 are some references that refute Ralph's theological beliefs.

In the original video Ralph produced about the expedition, which soon after he changed its status from public to private, causing skepticism and suspicion, Ralph gave an elaborate story about how he and his group found a dome with a keystone that had the ancient/paleo Hebrew form of יהוה inscribed on it. He proceeded to explain that the room was filled with sand, so he and his group emptied out the room, but found no scrolls. There was a little sand remaining on the floor, and Ralph stated that when he moved the sand away from that area, another keystone with the ancient/paleo Hebrew form of יהוה inscribed on it was there. Ralph finished his story by saying that upon removal of the second keystone, the scrolls were in this other room. In all of this explanation, there was no indication that he video recorded any of the expedition. In 2002 when Ralph claimed to discover the scrolls, there was sufficient video recording technology that would have provided a preserved video account of the expedition. Something like this would be considered very significant and even Michael Rood produced video evidence of Pharaoh's chariots at the bottom of the sea where Mosheh and the Yisraelites crossed when the water was parted when Michael Rood announced that he had found Pharaoh's chariots. You can see the DVD for sale at

I and many others requested to see the scrolls from Ralph as evidence of his claim. In every request I saw, Ralph would redirect people to purchase an overpriced copy of his translation, which was later discovered to be a modification of another English translation. Naturally people were getting frustrated because of Ralph's skeptical and suspicious behavior. I sent suggestions on how to show the evidence of the scrolls, which were as follows:1) Scroll through each scroll slowly, recording the entire scrolling with 1080p video recording to preserve the content with high-definition.2) Scan each section of each scroll with very high-resolution at 2400 dpi x 2400 dpi and then print each scan as a PDF, which would reduce the file size while retaining the original scan quality, and then combining all scans for the same scroll into a single PDF. With either of these processes, they could be sent via If the files were larger than the 100 MB limit for free users or 2 GB limit for premium users, the files could have been divided into parts. Naturally, Ralph never acknowledged these suggestions.

It is my personal opinion that Ralph's intention was to act like a salesman to promote his own theology through his own translation, proverbially dangling a carrot in front of a donkey to keep a person interested enough. Ralph frustrated many while completely deceiving others to the point they will not recognize Ralph for what he truly is, which is a deceiver and a false teacher (due to his claims that יהוה didn't command things when יהוה actually did). Ralph transgressed the Torah of יהוה, not only according to Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:32, which states you do not add to or diminish any of the Words of יהוה, but also transgressing the 9th Command according to Exodus 20:16, which bearing false witness against the most important neighbor of all, who is יהוה.

In conclusion, even if Ralph repents, he has totally destroyed any credibility he may have had. Not only was he unwilling to show any evidence of the scrolls he claimed to find, he was too proud and deceived by his own theology to repent. The only way Ralph can redeem himself is by providing the evidence of the scrolls if he actually does have them according to what I suggested. Otherwise, Ralph has become a disreputable, discredited and irrelevant afterthought by his own words and behavior. Even if what is evident that Ralph never had the scrolls to begin with, or even if Ralph actually does have the scrolls he claimed to find, it won't matter due to Hebrews 8:10 since the commands and Words of יהוה will be written in my mind and on my heart according to the nature of the new covenant between יהוה and His set apart nation known as Yisrael.

David Gooley

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