A History of Hebrew: Its Language and Philosophy (DVD)
By Jeff A. Benner

An in-depth look at the history of the Hebrew language from its ancient origins to modern time.

Publisher: Virtual Bookworm
Time: 1 hr. 23 min.

This 83 minute video explores the history of the Hebrew Bible, called the Old Testament by Christians and the Tanakh by Jews, and its language and philosophy. The Hebrew Bible is an Ancient Near Eastern text, which was written millennia ago within a time and culture that is vastly different from our own. The authors' perspectives on life and the world around them are steeped with their own traditions, lifestyles, manners and thoughts. When reading and studying this text we cannot interject our own cultural perspectives into the text. To do so would bring about interpretations and conclusions that are far removed from the authors intended meaning.

We will be examining the Hebrew alphabet, language, philosophy and culture to uncover the evidence that supports a perspective of these ancient Near Eastern texts that is very different from the way they are normally perceived, and we will dig into the deeper meanings of these texts from an ancient perspective.

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Jennifer Wise - Interesting Reading for All
Very interesting reading for all.

Brandon B. - This is a great video that explains the basics of the history of
This is a great video that explains the basics of the history of the Hebrew language. Anybody wanting to dabble in biblical hebrew would appreciate this video as a starting point. If you are already familiar with Hebrew, you'll enjoy the insights of Jeff Benner.