The Holy Assembly and the Everlasting Covenant


The Bible is a story about God who chose a nation of people to reveal himself, his covenant and plan of redemption for the fallen world. God calls this nation to be a light to the world that all people of the earth may enter into this covenant with God. The First Covenant outlines the institution of this covenant and the history his people, Israel. The New Covenant is not an elimination of either the covenant or Israel, but the continuing saga of Israel's relationship to God and the fulfilling of the prophecy of the light of Israel reaching all the nations of the earth with the Gospel of the redemption through Yeshua Christ.

I have heard a much different story in the churches. It has been said that the New Covenant must be understood before one can understand the First Covenant. I have even heard some ask why we have the First Covenant in our Bibles, because they see no purpose in it. This is the opposite of the truth. The Torah is the foundation, which God laid down first. The rest of the First Covenant, the writings and the prophets, deal with the relationship between Israel and the keeping of the Torah. When Yeshua came he continued to instruct Israel in how to live a life according to the Torah. The New Covenant epistles continue the instruction on how to live a life according to the Torah through Yeshua Christ. So, in order to truly understand the New Covenant one must understand the roots of the Bible, the Torah.

It has been my hope that by reading this book you will see that the Bible teaches that there is one Israel, composed of the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the Gentiles who are grafted into this nation. Both groups are one in the household of God. The Torah is not a law to be feared but the living document by which God's people by, not for salvation, but to show our love and obedience to God and to other people in the hope that they may desire the same relationship with God. The Bible is about the one true God, one covenant, one Torah, and one people.

Throughout the Bible we see people who have lived a life according to Torah, Abraham, Moses, King David, King Josiah, Yeshua Christ, the twelve apostles and Paul. These men devoted their lives to obedience to God and his Torah. Shouldn't we follow their example? Yeshua kept the Torah, Paul followed Yeshua' example and we are also told to follow in Yeshua' steps (1 Peter 2:21). The decision is yours.

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