The dangers of the flu vaccine

The Truth about the Flu Vaccine
By Jeff A. Benner

When it comes to the flu vaccine, there are two questions that need to be asked and answered. The first is, "Is the flu vaccine succesful in preventing the flu?" The second is, "Is the flu vaccine safe?"

The news often reports that the flu vaccine has about a 50% success rate. Based on this number, the reader assumes that for every 100 persons receiving the flu vaccine, 50 of them will not get the flu. Those are very impressive odds. However the truth of where this number comes from is hidden and misleading. The 50% number is derived by examing the difference between a control group that does not receive the flu vaccine and a group of equal number that do receive the flu vaccine. In a control group of 100 persons that do not receive the flu vaccine, two of them (2%) will get the flu. In a group of 100 persons that do receive the flu vaccine, only one of them (1%) will get the flu. Because 1% is 50% of 2%, the reported result is that the flu vaccine is 50% effective. The truth in these numbers is that if you do not receive the flu vaccine you have a 2% chance of getting the flu and if you do receive the flu vaccine you will have a 1% chance of getting the flu. The reality is that if you receive the flu vaccine you have reduced your chances of getting the flu by 0.5%, not 50%.

If the chances of reducing your risk from getting the flu is so low, is the risk of receiving the vaccine worth it? In other words, does the risk of the vaccine out weight the gain?

The flu vaccine uses Thimerosal as a preservative. Thimerosal is a mercury-containing organic compound, which is approximately 50% mercury, one of the most toxic natural substances.

According to the FDA website, a flu vaccine contains 0.01% Thimerosal or 1 part Thimerosal in 10,000. This translates to 1 part of mercury in 20,000 or 5 parts of mercury in 100,000 or 50 parts of mercury in 1,000,000.

Fish and shellfish have a natural tendency to concentrate mercury in their bodies and because of the extreme toxicity of mercury, the FDA has determined that the maximum allowable concentration of mercury in fish to be eaten is 1 part of mercury in 1,000,000. Note that the flu vaccine contains fifty times this amount of mercury. That is a 5000% increase in mercury.

Mercury is a potent metabolic poison that will harm any living cell or process. Although mercury is found in many forms, they all have the same effect once they get in the body and reach the cells. Recent research by the Northeastern University found that long-term exposure to mercury may produce Alzheimer's-like symptoms by destroying neurological brain function in humans.

Is the benefit of the flu vaccine worth while when it only reduces your "risk" of getting the flu by 0.5%, but increases your intake of a poison by 5000%?