Gold and Silver Coins

In God we Trust - Which God?
By Jeff A. Benner

Let's face it, our society today revolves around 'money' and whether we will admit it or not, money is our God. What is 'money?' In ancient times gold, silver and other metals were used as 'money' because of their high value. This has even been true up until only a few years ago. In America our 'money' was gold and silver, that is until 1963 when our government took us off the gold standard. This by the way is in my opinion the largest theft to occur in the history of the world, let me explain.

In my great grandfather's day people possessed coins of gold and silver as their money. A one ounce gold coin was worth $20, a one ounce silver coin was worth $1 and a quarter ounce silver coin was worth 25 cents (which is why we call it a quarter). One could take these coins anywhere in the world and they were worth their face value because of the content of the metal in the coins. Of course it is difficult to carry around a large amount of gold and silver coins so the government issued silver certificates. You could take your coins to the bank and exchange them for a note. These notes were backed by your gold and silver in the bank. At any time you could exchange that note for actual gold or silver. Then, a generation later in the days of my grandfather, came President Roosevelt who made it illegal to hold gold coins and forced the American people to turn their gold in for paper money. This is not too bad since that paper is still backed by the gold. Then, a generation later, in the days of my father, President Johnson who took us off the gold standard meaning that the silver certificates were taken out of circulation and replaced by notes which are no longer backed by anything of value but are considered of value by the word of our government. Notice that each of these changes in our monetary system occurred from one generation to the next, this is so that we Americans, would not notice what they were doing. Now, let's get to the theft. If every one of your great grandfathers had a savings of 100 $20 gold coins it would add up to over 1 billion dollars owned by the American people. Where did all that wealth go? You guessed it, Fort Knox. Our benevolent government "stole" all the savings of the American people.

Getting back to the discussion of "money." Every aspect of our lives is governed by money, we pay our bills with it, buy our groceries and gas, pay our rent and mortgages, it costs money to be born and to die. Our taxes pay for our government, law enforcement, sewage system and roads. Remember that now our money is no longer backed by anything of value, what would happen if for some reason, either by governmental influence or a major disaster occurred and you no longer possessed or had access to 'money?' How would you buy your groceries or pay your water bill? Could you survive? When Hurricane Katrina hit thousands starved and thirsted because they no longer had access to the basic needs of life. What would happen if something like this occurred on a national or global level? What I am driving at is that our "god" is money and without it we could not survive (well at least most of us).

I find it very ironic that on every coin and every bill is written the phrase "In God we Trust," Which God? Did you know that the Babylonian god of 'fortune' was גד This may seem like an irrelevant statement to our discussion but, this word is usually transliterated as 'gad' but in all Semitic languages the vowel 'a' is pronounced like the 'a' in father so it is pronounced like our word 'god.' Yes, our 'god' is גד the god of fortune.