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CBS Radio Mystery Theater Timeline


Jan 6Beginning of 1st season.
Feb 3 First double feature in some markets (Here Goes the Bride, and Lost Dog). This would also make the first repeat.
May 9 Tammy Grimes first appearance.


Jan 6 Beginning of 2d season. RMT celebrates with a week of Lowthar-adapted Poe shows.
Jan 11 Fred Gwynne first appearance.
Sep 22 RMT celebrates bicentennial with a week of American History shows written by Sam Dann.
Dec 24 First broadcast of A Christmas Carol, which was to be rebroadcast each Christmas Eve.


Jan 5 Beginning of 3rd season. RMT celebrates with a week of Dann-adapted Mark Twain stories.
April 19 Beginning of a week of Martin-adapted Shakespeare shows.
0ct 27 Beginning of 5 days of horror shows to celebrate Halloween.


Jan 10 Beginning of 4th season. RMT celebrates with a week of Dann-adapted O. Henry stories.


Jan 6 Beginning of 5th season. RMT celebrates with a week of horror shows.
Feb 5 RMT clone for children CBS/General Mills Radio Adventure Theater starts a 52-show run. Himan Brown directs with Tom Bosley narrating.
Apr 4 Himan Brown awarded Distinguished Service Award in Communications from BYU.
Jun 8 RMT tapes a live special in New Jersey that was broadcast on WOR instead of the scheduled show (Death Spell). The special was rebroadcast some months later
Jun 18 RMT's 2000th broadcast (including repeats).


Jan 8 Beginning of 6th season. RMT celebrates with a series of five Nefertiti-related stories by Gerald Keane.
Mar 10 Himan Brown awarded special citation at Annual Directors guild of America awards.
Mar 31 Sat/Sun shows to be adaptations literary classics from this point on.
May 6 Himan Brown awarded Broadcast Preceptor Award by SF State Univ.
Dec 31 RMT stops broadcasting Sat/Sun, and so is now only heard Mon-Fri.


Jan 6 Beginning of 7th season. RMT celebrates with 5-part Pompeii series adapted by Gerald Keane.
July 21 Pompeii series repeated.


Jan 6 Beginning of 8th season. RMT celebrates with a 5-part Alexander the Great series by Gerald Keane.
Jul 21 Ian Martin, longtime RMT contributor, dies.


Jan 11 Beginning of 9th season. RMT celebrates with a 5-part Les Miserables series adapted by Gerald Keane.
Feb 1 Tammy Grimes takes over narration, due to EGM's resignation: "I'm forced to bow out because of my difficult assignment schedule."
Dec 31 Last RMT broadcast, repeating Resident Killer with a message from Himan Brown.


Jun 3 RMT re-broadcasts with Himan Brown narration.
Nov 27 end of re-broadcasts

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