Excerpts from the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon - Dalet

Parent Root: / דם Action: Dumb, Silent, Sleep, Weep Concrete: Blood, Red, Pieces, Tear Abstract: Likeness, Compare Pictograph: The pictograph is a door representing the idea of moving back and forth. The is a picture of water and can represent any liquid especially blood. Combined these pictures mean "the moving back and forth of water" or the "flowing of blood". Definition: Similarly, the grape plant takes water from the ground and moves it to the fruit where the water becomes the blood of the grape.
Word: דם (Masc) Transliteration: dam Trans: BLOOD Definition: The red fluid that circulates through the body. Strong's: 1818
Child Root: דמם Definition: When the blood is shed, the man or animal becomes silent and still.
Word: דמם (Masc) Transliteration: da-mam Trans: BE.SILENT Definition: To come to a standstill in speech or deed. To be quiet; refrain from speech or action. Strong's: 1826
Word: דממה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: SILENT Definition: ? Strong's: 1827
Word: דומם (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: SILENT Definition: ? Strong's: 1748
Child Root: אדם Definition: The color red, the color of blood, man and the earth.
Word: אדם (Verb) Transliteration: a-dam Trans: BE.RED Definition: To be ruddy. To have a dark reddish color. Strong's: 119
Word: אדם (Masc) Transliteration: a-dam Trans: HUMAN Definition: Of, relating to, or characteristic of man. The first man. All of mankind as the descendants of the first man. Strong's: 120
Word: אדמה (Fem) Transliteration: a-da-mah Trans: GROUND Definition: The surface of the earth. From its reddish color. Strong's: 127
Word: אדום (Masc) Transliteration: a-dom אדומה (Fem) Transliteration: a-du-mah Trans: RED Definition: Of the color red. Ruddy; florid. Strong's: 122
Word: אודם (Fem) Transliteration: o-dem Trans: CARNELIAN Definition: Probably the Carnelian, a reddish brown gemstone. The Hebrew word is from a root meaning red or reddish. Another possible translation is Jasper. Strong's: 124
Word: אדמדם (Masc) Transliteration: ? אדמדמת (Fem) Transliteration: a-dam-da-met Trans: REDDISH Definition: ? Strong's: 125
Word: אדמוני (Masc) Transliteration: ad-mo-niy Trans: RUDDY Definition: Having a healthy reddish color. Strong's: 132
Child Root: הדם Definition: ?
Word: הדם (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: PIECE Definition: Something cut into pieces. Strong's: 1917
Word: הדום (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: STOOL Definition: ? Strong's: 1916
Child Root: דהם Definition: When excited or scared ones blood pressure increases and is unable to speak.
Word: דהם (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: DUMB Definition: To be speechless. Strong's: 1724
Child Root: דמה Definition: A son from the blood of his father resembles his father.
Word: דמה (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: RESEMBLE / Silence Definition: To be like, similar or compared to something else. To become silent as one dead. Strong's: 1819, 1820, 1821
Word: דמות (Fem) Transliteration: da-mut Trans: LIKENESS Definition: Copy; resemblance. The quality or state of being like something or someone else. Rel: As a son from the blood of his father resembles his father. Alternate Spelling: Strong's: 1823
Word: דמיון (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: SIMILARLY Definition: ? Strong's: 1825
Child Root: דום Definition: When the blood is shed, the man or animal becomes silent.
Word: דומה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: SILENCED Definition: ? Strong's: 1745, 1822
Word: דמי (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: SILENT Definition: When the blood is shed, the man or animal becomes silent. Strong's: 1824
Word: דומיה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: SILENCE Definition: ? Strong's: 1747
Adopted Root: רדם Definition: ? Rel: sleeping silently
Word: רדם (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: DEEP.SLEEP Definition: To be in a deep sleep or trance. Strong's: 7290
Word: תרדמה (Fem) Transliteration: tar-dey-mah Trans: TRANCE Definition: A state of partly suspended animation or inability to function. A deep sleep or unconsciousness. Strong's: 8639
Adopted Root: דמע Definition: The weeping of the eyes. The juice of the grape or other fruit that seeps out. Rel: as blood and combined with the letter ayin forming the meaning "blood of the eye"
Word: דמע (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: WEEP Definition: The seeping of tears from the eye. Strong's: 1830
Word: דמע (Masc) Transliteration: de-ma Trans: JUICE Definition: The liquid that seeps out of the fruit. Strong's: 1831
Word: דימעה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: WEEPING Definition: ? Strong's: 1832
Adopted Root: קדם Definition: The place of the rising sun. The Hebrews recognized the east as the top of the four compass points (contrary to our understanding of north) and is the direction faced when orienting direction. The past is understood as what is in front, or before, you as the past is known (contrary to our understanding of the future being in front of us). Rel: the red color blood combined with the quph as the rising sun, hence the "rising sun of blood"
Word: קדם (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: FACE.TOWARD Definition: To face another or meet face to face; to go before someone or something in space or time. Rel: In the sense of facing the rising sun. Alternate Spelling: Strong's: 6923
Word: קדם (Masc) Transliteration: qe-dem Trans: EAST Definition: The general direction of sunrise. As in front when facing the rising sun. Also, the ancient past. Strong's: 6924
Word: קדמה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: PAST.TIME Definition: A time that is before. Strong's: 6927, 6928
Word: קדים (Masc) Transliteration: qa-dim Trans: EAST.WIND Definition: The wind that comes from the east. Toward the east as the origin of the east wind. Strong's: 6921
Word: קידמה (Fem) Transliteration: qid-mah Trans: EASTWARD Definition: Toward the east. Before another space or time; as the east is in front when facing the rising sun. Strong's: 6926
Word: קדמי (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: FIRST Definition: As what came before. Strong's: 6933
Word: קודם (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: TO.THE.FRONT Definition: Something in front, or to the face as the rising sun is in front. Strong's: 6925
Word: קדמון (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: EASTERN Definition: ? Strong's: 6930
Word: קדמוני (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: EASTSIDE Definition: The eastside of a place. Can also mean an ancient one as one from a distant past. Strong's: 6931

Parent Root: / דן Action: Rule, Lord, Judge Concrete: Ruler, Base Abstract: Plea, Quarrel Pict The pictograph is a picture of a door. The is a picture of a seed representing the idea of life. Combined these pictures mean "the door of life". Definition: The ancient Hebrew concept of a "judge" is one who restores life. The goal of one that rules or judges is to bring a pleasant and righteous life to the people. This can also mean a deliverer as one whom restores life to his people.
Word: דן (Masc) Transliteration: dan Trans: MODERATOR Definition: A judge. One who presides over a dispute. Strong's: n/a
Word: מדן (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: DISCORD Definition: ? Strong's: 4090
Word: מדון (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: QUARREL Definition: A rather loud verbal disagreement. Strong's: 4066
Word: מדין (Masc) Transliteration: mid-yan Trans: QUARREL Definition: A rather loud verbal disagreement. Strong's: 4079
Child Root: אדן Definition: The foundation of a column or pillar as the support of the structure.
Word: אדן (Masc) Transliteration: e-den Trans: FOOTING Definition: Ground or basis for a firm foundation. That which sustains a stable position. Strong's: 134
Word: אדון (Masc) Transliteration: a-don Trans: LORD Definition: The ruler as the foundation to the community. Strong's: 113
Child Root: דין Definition: ?
Word: דין (Verb) Transliteration: diyn Trans: MODERATE Definition: To rule over quarrels or other conflicts. Alternate Spelling: דון 1777, 1778
Word: דין (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: PLEA Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: דון 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782
Word: מדינה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: PROVINCE Definition: The jurisdiction of responsibility of a judge or lord. Strong's: 4082, 4083

Parent Root: / דר Action: Dwell, Swell, Wide, Gallop, Enclose, Order Concrete: Circle, Robe, Dwelling, Row, Wall, Word Abstract: Honor, Idea, Order Pictograph: The pictograph is a door representing a moving back and forth. The is the head of a man. Combined these mean "the back and forth movement of man". Definition: A generation is one revolution of the family line. The Hebraic understanding of order is the continual cyclical process of life and death or renewal and destruction. This root can also have the meanings of circling around of something in a wide area or to cover a large area.
Word: דר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: WHITE.PEARL Definition: From its circular shape. Strong's: 1858
Word: דור (Masc) Transliteration: dur Trans: CIRCLE Definition: Also a ball as a circle. Strong's: 1754
Word: דרדר (Masc) Transliteration: dar-dar Trans: THISTLE Definition: A prickly plant used by the shepherd to build a corral around the flock at night. Strong's: 1863
Child Root: דרר Definition: A circling around as the flight of a bird or a dance.
Word: דרור (Fem) Transliteration: de-ror Trans: FREE.FLOWING Definition: To flow without hindrances. Strong's: 1865
Word: דרור (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: SWALLOW Definition: A bird that flies in a circle. Strong's: 1866
Child Root: אדר Definition: What covers a large area.
Word: אדר (Verb) Transliteration: a-dar Trans: BE.EMINENT Definition: To be large in size or stature. Strong's: 142
Word: אדר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: ROBE Definition: ? Strong's: 145
Word: אדרת (Fem) Transliteration: a-de-ret Trans: ROBE Definition: A long flowing outer garment. Wide garment. Strong's: 155
Word: אדיר (Masc) Transliteration: a-dir Trans: EMINENT Definition: What exerts power and status. Someone or something that is wide in authority or majesty. Strong's: 117
Word: אידר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: THRESHING.FLOOR Definition: A wide area. Strong's: 147
Child Root: דרא Definition: ?
Word: דראון (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: ABHOR Definition: ? Strong's: 1860
Child Root: הדר Definition: To swell in an outward direction. To make another swell through honor or pride (as in a swelling up of the chest).
Word: הדר (Verb) Transliteration: ha-dar Trans: SWELL Definition: Someone or something that is wide in size or majesty. To honor. To puff up. Strong's: 1921, 1922
Word: הדר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: SWELL Definition: Someone or something that has been enlarged in size, pride or majesty. Strong's: 1923, 1925, 1926
Word: הדרה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: SWELLING Definition: ? Strong's: 1927
Child Root: דהר Definition: The repetitious rhythmic running of a horse in a circular direction.
Word: דהר (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: GALLOP Definition: ? Strong's: 1725
Word: דהר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: GALLOP Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: דהרה 1726
Word: תדהר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: TIDHAR Definition: The wood or the tree of an unknown species. Probably from its wide or circular growth. Strong's: 8410
Child Root: דור Definition: The nomadic camp was set up in a circle with the tents set up outside of the circle.
Word: דור (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: INHABIT Definition: ? Strong's: 1752, 1753
Word: דור (Masc) Transliteration: dor Trans: GENERATION Definition: A body of living beings constituting a single step in the line of descent from an ancestor. Rel: As a circle of time. Aramaic: דר 1755, 1859
Word: מדור (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: DWELLING Definition: ? Strong's: 4070
Word: מדורה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: PILE Definition: A round pile of wood for fires. Strong's: 4071
Word: תדירה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: CONTINUE Definition: As a swelling. Aramaic: תדירא 8411
Adopted Root: גדר Definition: ? Rel: as a wall that encircles a city
Word: גדר (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: ENCLOSE Definition: To enclose something in a wall or fence. Strong's: 1443
Word: גדר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: ENCLOSURE Definition: Any type of enclosure. Strong's: 1444, 1447
Word: גדרה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: ENCLOSURE Definition: Any type of enclosure. Strong's: 1448
Adopted Root: דבר Definition: An arrangement or placement of things or ideas for creating order. Rel: order
Word: דבר (Verb) Transliteration: da-var Trans: SPEAK Definition: A careful arrangement of words or commands said orally. Strong's: 1696
Word: דבר (Masc) Transliteration: da-var Trans: WORD Definition: An arrangement of words, ideas or concepts to form sentences. A promise in the sense of being "ones word." An action in the sense of acting out an arrangement. A plague as an act. Strong's: 1697
Word: דבר (Masc) Transliteration: de-ver Trans: EPIDEMIC Definition: A wide spread disease effecting man or animal. A pestilence. Strong's: 1698
Word: דברה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: WORD Definition: An arrangement of words or ideas to form concepts for an action or purpose. Strong's: 1703
Word: דביר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: SANCTUARY Definition: A place of order. Strong's: 1687
Word: דבורה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BEE Definition: A colony of ordered insects. Strong's: 1682
Word: דיברה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: ORDER Definition: ? Strong's: 1700, 1701
Word: דובר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: WILDERNESS / Manner Definition: A place of order, a sanctuary. The order which something is performed. Strong's: 1699
Word: מדבר (Masc) Transliteration: mid-bar Trans: WILDERNESS Definition: A tract or region uncultivated and uninhabited by human beings. Place of order, a sanctuary. Strong's: 4057
Adopted Root: סדר Definition: Set in order as an arrangement. Rel: order
Word: סדר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: ORDER Definition: An ordered arrangement. Strong's: 5468
Word: סדרה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: ROW Definition: A row of planks in constructing a house or of an army in the sense of being in order. Alternate Spelling: שדרה 7713
Word: מסדרון (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: PORCH Definition: As built with rows or boards. Strong's: 4528
Adopted Root: עדר Definition: The process of removing what is unnecessary to bring about order. Rel: order
Word: עדר (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: MISSING Definition: ? Strong's: 5737
Word: עדר (Masc) Transliteration: ey-der Trans: DROVE Definition: A group of animals driven or moving in a body. Strong's: 5739
Word: מעדר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: RAKE Definition: Used to clear the field of debris to create order. Strong's: 4576
Adopted Root: ערך Definition: A plan to arrange things in order. Rel: order
Word: ערך (Verb) Transliteration: a-rakh Trans: ARRANGE Definition: To set something in order or into a correct or suitable configuration, sequence or adjustment. Strong's: 6186
Word: ערך (Masc) Transliteration: ey-rekh Trans: ARRANGEMENT Definition: Set in a row or in order according to rank or age. In parallel. Arranged items in juxtaposition. Strong's: 6187
Word: מערך (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: PREPARATION Definition: As an arrangement. Strong's: 4633
Word: מערכה (Fem) Transliteration: ma-a-ra-khah Trans: RANK Definition: A row, line, or series of things or persons. Strong's: 4634
Word: מערכת (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: ROW Definition: As an arrangement. Strong's: 4635
Word: מערכה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: ARRANGEMENT Definition: Set in a row or in order. Strong's: 4630

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