Excerpts from the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon - Kaph

Parent Root: / כל Action: Complete, Able, Sustain, Finish, Restrain, Eat Concrete: Vessel, Food, House, Prison Abstract: Whole, Villain Pictograph: The pictograph is a picture of the bent palm representing the bending or subduing of the will, the is a picture of a shepherd staff or yoke. Combined these mean "tame for the yoke". Definition: An animal or land that is tamed has been worked and is complete and ready for use. Taming include; construction of holding pens, putting the soil to the plow, harvesting of crops, milk or meat. One eats once the harvest is complete.
Word: כלה (Fem) Transliteration: ka-lah Trans: COMPLETION Definition: The act or process of completing. This can be in a positive sense or negative, such as in a failure. Strong's: 3617
Word: כלי (Masc) Transliteration: ke-li Trans: ITEM Definition: A utensil or implement usually for carrying or storing various materials. Strong's: 3627
Word: כליה (Fem) Transliteration: kil-yah Trans: KIDNEY Definition: An organ of the body. The seat of emotion in Hebraic thought. Strong's: 3629
Word: תכלה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: ACHIEVEMENT Definition: ? Strong's: 8502
Word: תכלת (Fem) Transliteration: te-khey-let Trans: BLUE Definition: A color that is created with the use of a dye. Strong's: 8504
Word: תכלית (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BOUNDARY Definition: The ends of the whole. Strong's: 8503
Word: כליון (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: FAILURE Definition: A complete destruction or failure of something. Strong's: 3631
Child Root: כלל Definition: Something that is whole or a container that holds something completely.
Word: כלל (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: ERECT Definition: ? Strong's: 3634, 3635
Word: כללה (Fem) Transliteration: kal-lah Trans: DAUGHTER.IN.LAW Definition: The wife of one’s son. Bride of the son, as brought into the camp, in the sense of making the man complete. Strong's: 3618
Word: כליל (Masc) Transliteration: ka-lil Trans: ENTIRELY Definition: A state of being complete. All of it. No missing parts; complete by including everything. Strong's: 3632
Word: כלולה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BRIDE.HOOD Definition: In the sense of becoming complete. Strong's: 3623
Word: מכלל (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: PERFECTION Definition: ? Strong's: 4359
Word: מכלול (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: FULLY Definition: ? Strong's: 4358
Word: מכלול (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: CHOICE Definition: In the sense of being whole and complete. Strong's: 4360
Child Root: אכל Definition: Through sustenance one becomes whole and satisfied.
Word: אכל (Verb) Transliteration: a-khal Trans: EAT Definition: To consume food; to destroy. A devouring of a fire. Strong's: 398, 399
Word: אכלה (Fem) Transliteration: akh-lah Trans: FOOD Definition: Something that nourishes, sustains, or supplies. For giving sustenance and making one whole. Strong's: 402
Word: מאכל (Masc) Transliteration: ma-a-kal Trans: NOURISHMENT Definition: Food; nutriment. For giving sustenance and making one whole. Strong's: 3978
Word: מאכלת (Fem) Transliteration: ma-a-ke-let Trans: KNIFE Definition: A cutting instrument consisting of a sharp blade and handle. What is used for preparing and eating food. Strong's: 3979
Word: אכילה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: MEAL Definition: For giving sustenance and making one whole. Strong's: 396
Word: אוכל (Masc) Transliteration: o-khel Trans: FOODSTUFF Definition: A substance that may be eaten for giving sustenance and making one whole. Strong's: 400
Word: מאכולת (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: FUEL Definition: As food for the fire. Strong's: 3980
Child Root: כלא Definition: A prison or fold for restraining men or animals in the sense of whole.
Word: כלא (Verb) Transliteration: ka-la Trans: RESTRICT Definition: To confine within bounds. Hold back or prevent someone or something. Strong's: 3607
Word: כלא (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: PRISON Definition: ? Strong's: 3608
Word: כליא (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: PRISON Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: כלוא 3628
Word: כילא (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: MIXTURE Definition: ? Strong's: 3610
Word: מכלאה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: FOLD Definition: ? Strong's: 4356
Child Root: הכל Definition: An enclosure for a resident god or king in the sense of whole.
Word: היכל (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: PALACE Definition: The residence of a god (temple) or king (palace). Strong's: 1964, 1965
Child Root: כהל Definition: One who is whole or complete is able to do or perform something.
Word: כהל (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: ABLE Definition: ? Strong's: 3546
Child Root: כלה Definition: ?
Word: כלה (Verb) Transliteration: ka-lah Trans: FINISH Definition: To bring to an end; terminate; to complete an action, event. Strong's: 3615
Word: כלה (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: FAILING Definition: Something that is incomplete. Strong's: 3616
Word: מכלה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: FINISHED Definition: ? Strong's: 4357
Child Root: כול Definition: ?
Word: כול (Verb) Transliteration: kul Trans: SUSTAIN Definition: To provide what is needed to make someone or something whole or complete. Strong's: 3557
Word: כול (Masc) Transliteration: kol Trans: ALL Definition: The whole of a group. Rel: In the sense of being full of food. Alternate Spelling: Strong's: 3605, 3606
Word: מכולת (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: SUSTENANCE Definition: What sustains. Strong's: 4361
Child Root: יכל Definition: One who is whole or complete is able to do or perform something.
Word: יכל (Verb) Transliteration: ya-khal Trans: BE.ABLE Definition: To successfully prevail, overcome or endure. Strong's: 3201, 3202
Word: מיכל (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: VESSEL Definition: A container of holding water. Strong's: 4323
Child Root: כיל Definition: One who is held in a prison.
Word: כילי (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: VILLAIN Definition: ? Strong's: 3596

Parent Root: / כן Action: Stand, Gather, Hide Concrete: Root, Beard, Bundle, Wing Abstract: Sure, Humility, Associate Pictograph: The pictograph is a picture of the open palm, the is a picture of a seed. Combined these mean "opening of a seed". Definition: When the seed opens the roots begin to form the base of the plant by going down into the soil. The plant rises out of the ground forming the stalk of the plant. A tall tree can only stand tall and firm because of the strong root system which supports it.
Word: כן (Masc) Transliteration: keyn Trans: BASE Definition: The bottom or foundation which provides support. A person's home or family as being a base. A species of gnat. Strong's: 3653
Word: כן (Masc) Transliteration: keyn Trans: GNAT Definition: A small flying insect. Strong's: 3654
Word: כן (Masc) Transliteration: keyn Trans: SO Definition: In a manner or way indicated or suggested. What comes before or after another event. Rel: In the sense of being a base or a firm standing. Alternate Spelling: Strong's: 3651, 3652
Word: כנמה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: IN.THIS.MANNER Definition: A firmness in a situation. Aramaic: כנמא 3660
Word: מכונה (Fem) Transliteration: me-kho-nah Trans: PEDESTAL Definition: A base that is firm and functions as a supports. Strong's: 4350
Word: מכונה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BASE.PLATE Definition: What is firm and supports something. Strong's: 4369
Child Root: אכן Definition: A firm or sure position.
Word: אכן (Masc) Transliteration: a-kheyn Trans: SURELY Definition: In a sure manner. To be firm in something. Alternate Spelling: אך 389, 403
Child Root: כהן Definition: The base which supports the people.
Word: כהן (Verb) Transliteration: ka-han Trans: ADORN Definition: To put on special ornaments or garments for a special office or event. (see Isaiah 61:10). Strong's: 3547
Word: כהונה (Fem) Transliteration: ke-hu-nah Trans: ADMINISTRATION Definition: The collective members from the tribe of Levi who administrate over the tent of meeting or the temple. Strong's: 3550
Word: כוהן (Masc) Transliteration: ko-heyn Trans: ADMINISTRATOR Definition: One who manages the affairs and activities of an organization. The administrators (often translated as "priest") of Israel are Levites who manage the Tent of Meeting, and later the Temple, as well as teach the people the teachings and directions of YHWH, and perform other duties, such as the inspection of people and structures for disease. Rel: The base which supports the people. Aramaic: כהן 3548, 3549
Child Root: כנה Definition: Words or names that are given in support of another.
Word: כנה (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: FLATTER Definition: To give words or a name of honor. Strong's: 3655
Word: קנה (Masc) Transliteration: qa-neh Trans: STALK Definition: The main stem and support of a plant. Strong's: 7070
Child Root: כון Definition: ?
Word: כון (Verb) Transliteration: kun Trans: PREPARE Definition: To put in proper condition or readiness. The piel (intensive) form means "establish." Strong's: 3559
Word: כון (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: CAKE Definition: As firmly pressed. Strong's: 3561
Word: מכון (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: FOUNDATION Definition: A firm place of support. Strong's: 4349
Word: תכונה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: FOUNDATION Definition: ? Strong's: 8499
Adopted Root: זקן Definition: ? Rel: The base of the family / community.
Word: זקן (Verb) Transliteration: za-qan Trans: BE.OLD Definition: To be of an advanced age. Strong's: 2204
Word: זקן (Masc) Transliteration: za-qeyn Trans: BEARD Definition: The hair that grows on a man's face. A long beard as a sign of old age and wisdom. An elder as a bearded one. Strong's: 2205, 2206
Word: זקון (Masc) Transliteration: za-qun Trans: EXTREME.OLD.AGE Definition: A full and long life. Strong's: 2208
Word: זיקנה (Fem) Transliteration: ziq-nah Trans: OLD.AGE Definition: One up in years. Strong's: 2209
Word: זוקן (Masc) Transliteration: zo-qen Trans: AGE Definition: The part of existence extending from the beginning to any given time; a period of time marked by a central figure or prominent feature. Strong's: 2207
Adopted Root: כנס Definition: ? Rel: gathering
Word: כנס (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: BUNCH.UP Definition: To gather up and pile a large bundle. Strong's: 3664
Word: מכנס (Masc) Transliteration: mikh-nas Trans: UNDERGARMENT Definition: Garment worn under another garment that is bundled up. Strong's: 4370
Adopted Root: כנע Definition: When a large bundle is placed on the shoulders the person is bent down low. Rel: gathering together a bundle
Word: כנע (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: LOWER Definition: To be brought down low in humility or submission. Strong's: 3665
Word: כינעה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BUNDLE Definition: ? Strong's: 3666
Word: כנען (Masc) Transliteration: ke-na-an Trans: LOWERED Definition: Brought down. Strong's: n/a
Adopted Root: כנף Definition: The mother bird hides its young in her wings. Rel: gathering
Word: כנף (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: PLACE.UNDER.THE.WING Definition: As hidden in the wings of a bird. Strong's: 3670
Word: כנף (Fem) Transliteration: ka-naph Trans: WING Definition: An appendage that allows an animal, bird or insect to fly. Also, the wings of a garment. Strong's: 3671
Adopted Root: כנש Definition: ? Rel: gathering
Word: כנש (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: COME.TOGETHER Definition: ? Strong's: 3673
Adopted Root: כנת Definition: ? Rel: as one who gathers himself to another
Word: כנת (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: ASSOCIATE Definition: ? Strong's: 3674, 3675

Parent Root: / כר Action: Dig, Dance, Remember, Know Concrete: Bowl, Hollow, Farmer, Pit, Furnace, Male, Fissure Abstract: Wrong, Prepare, Memorial Pictograph: The pictograph is a picture of the palm of the hand, the is a picture of the head of a man. Combined these mean "palm of man". Definition: The palm as hollowed out. A digging.
Word: כר (Masc) Transliteration: car Trans: DEPRESSION Definition: What is of a concave shape such as a saddle or pasture in a valley. Also, may mean the sheep of the pasture. Strong's: 3733
Word: כרה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: PASTURE / Mole Definition: As a hollowed out valley. A digger Alternate Spelling: פרה 3740, 3741, 6512
Word: כרי (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: CAPTAIN Definition: ? Strong's: 3746
Word: מכרה (Fem) Transliteration: me-khey-rah Trans: CAVE Definition: A natural underground chamber or series of chambers that open to the surface. A hole in the rock. Alternate Spelling: מערה 4380, 4631
Word: כרכרה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: CAMEL Definition: As with a hollow hump. Strong's: 3753
Child Root: כרר Definition: A leaping or dancing around in a circle.
Word: כרר (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: DANCE Definition: ? Strong's: 3769
Child Root: אכר Definition: ?
Word: אכר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: FARMER Definition: One who digs the ground for growing crops. Strong's: 406
Child Root: כאר Definition: ?
Word: באר (Fem) Transliteration: be-eyr Trans: WELL Definition: A dug-out hole, usually a well or cistern. Strong's: 875
Word: כואר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: PIT Definition: A dug out hole. Alternate Spelling: באר 877
Child Root: הכר Definition: ?
Word: הכר (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: WRONG Definition: ? Strong's: 1970
Word: הכרה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: LOOK Definition: ? Strong's: 1971
Child Root: כרה Definition: ?
Word: כרה (Verb) Transliteration: ka-rah Trans: DIG Definition: To break or loosen earth with an instrument or tool. To bargain in the sense of digging. Aramaic: כרא 3735, 3738, 3739
Child Root: כור Definition: ?
Word: כור (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: DIG / Examine Definition: To look deeply. Alternate Spelling: קור / בור 952, 6979
Word: כור (Masc) Transliteration: kor Trans: CISTERN Definition: An artificial reservoir for storing water. A hole or well as dug out. Alternate Spelling: בור 953, 2352, 2356, 3564
Word: כור (Masc) Transliteration: kor Trans: KOR Definition: A standard of measure. Alternate Spelling: חר / חור / בור 3734
Word: מכור (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: FOUNTAIN Definition: A spring that comes out of a hole in the ground. The source of water necessary for life in the wilderness. Alternate Spelling: מקר / מקור 4726
Word: כיור (Masc) Transliteration: ki-or Trans: CAULDRON Definition: A large kettle or boiler, of copper or other metal. A smelting pot. Rel: In the sense of a dug out container. Alternate Spelling: Strong's: 3595
Word: מכורה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BIRTH Definition: A coming out of a hole. Strong's: 4351
Child Root: כיר Definition: A hollowed out object.
Word: כיר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: FURNACE Definition: A hollow box formed out of brick or clay for cooking. Strong's: 3600
Adopted Root: זכר Definition: A recalling of events of the past or to act upon a past event. Rel: as a digging
Word: זכר (Verb) Transliteration: za-khar Trans: REMEMBER Definition: To act or speak on behalf of another.To reenact a past event as a memorial. The hiphil (causative) form means "mention." Strong's: 2142
Word: זכר (Masc) Transliteration: za-khar Trans: MALE Definition: Being the gender who begets offspring. One who acts and speaks for the family. Aramaic: דכר 1798, 2145
Word: זכר (Masc) Transliteration: zey-kher Trans: MEMORIAL Definition: A remembering based on a past event often through an annual festival. Aramaic: דכר 2143
Word: זכור (Masc) Transliteration: za-khur Trans: MEN Definition: Male persons. Strong's: 2138
Word: אזכרה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: MEMORIAL Definition: A remembering and action based on a past even. Strong's: 234
Word: זיכרון (Masc) Transliteration: zikh-ron Trans: REMEMBRANCE Definition: A recalling of a past event. Also, an action based on a past event. Aramaic: דיכרון 1799, 2146
Adopted Root: חקר Definition: ? Rel: a digging
Word: חקר (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: EXAMINE Definition: To intently search or seek for details. Strong's: 2713
Word: חקר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: EXAMINATION Definition: ? Strong's: 2714
Word: מחקר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: DEPTH Definition: A deep place as unexamined. Strong's: 4278
Adopted Root: ככר Definition: Something that is round. Rel: as round like a bowl
Word: ככר (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: ROUND Definition: A coin as a round piece of gold or silver. Strong's: 3604
Word: כיכר (Fem) Transliteration: ki-kar Trans: ROUNDNESS Definition: Cylindrical; something as a circle, globe or ring that is round. A round thing or place. A round loaf of bread. The plain, as a round piece of land. Strong's: 3603
Word: כיכר (Fem) Transliteration: ki-kar Trans: KIKAR Definition: A dry standard of measure. Usually rendered as "talent" in most translations, however the word talent is a transliteration of the Greek word talanton (a Greek coin) used in the Greek Septuagint for the Hebrew word "kikar." Strong's: 3603
Adopted Root: נכר Definition: ? Rel: as a digging
Word: נכר (Verb) Transliteration: na-khar Trans: RECOGNIZE Definition: To acknowledge or take notice of in some definite way. Strong's: 5234
Word: נכר (Masc) Transliteration: ney-khar Trans: FOREIGNER Definition: A person belonging to or owing allegiance to a foreign country. Strong's: 5235, 5236
Word: מנכר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: ACQUAINTANCE Definition: One who is known Alternate Spelling: מכר 4378
Word: נכרי (Masc) Transliteration: na-khri נכריח (Fem) Transliteration: na-khri-yah Trans: FOREIGN Definition: Situated outside one's own country. Alien in character. A strange person, place or thing as being unrecognized. Rel: One who is not known. Alternate Spelling: Strong's: 5237
Word: מנכרה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: MINKRAH Definition: An unknown plant. Strong's: 4379
Adopted Root: נקר Definition: ? Rel: as a digging
Word: נקר (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: PIERCE Definition: ? Strong's: 5365
Word: נקרה (Fem) Transliteration: nik-rah Trans: FISSURE Definition: A division, causing to become two pieces instead of one. A cleft or narrow chasm. Rel: Through the sense of being a piercing in a rock. Alternate Spelling: Strong's: 5366
Adopted Root: קער Definition: A hollowed out container.
Word: קערה (Fem) Transliteration: qe-a-rah Trans: PLATTER Definition: A large plate, serving dish. Strong's: 7086

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