Excerpts from the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon - Mem

Parent Root: / מה Action: ? Concrete: Sea Abstract: ? Pictograph: The pictograph is a picture of water. Definition: The sea (Mediterranean) is a place of the unknown (what is beyond or what is below). It is feared by the Ancient Hebrews because of its size, storms and fierceness. A hundred as an unknowable amount. Rel: This parent root is related to fm, im and me.
Word: מה (Masc) Transliteration: mah Trans: WATER Definition: The Liquid of streams, ponds and seas or stored in cisterns or jars. The necessary liquid that is drank. Strong's: 4325
Word: מה (Masc) Transliteration: mah Trans: WHAT Definition: Interrogative expressing inquiry about the identity, nature, or value of an object. Something that is unknown; can also be why, when or how. Aramaic: מן / מא 3964, 4100, 4101, 4479
Child Root: מהה Definition: A questioning of forward motion.
Word: מהה (Masc) Transliteration: ma-hah Trans: LINGER Definition: To be slow in parting or in quitting something. Strong's: 4102

Parent Root: / מל Action: Speak, Fill, Mix, Cut Concrete: Word, Ear, Firstfruits, Speech, Front Abstract: Continue Pictograph: ? Definition: A continuation of segments, which fill the whole.
Word: מלה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: COMMENT Definition: A word or speech as a remark, observation, or criticism. Strong's: 4405, 4406
Child Root: מלל Definition: A chain of words blended together to form sentences.
Word: מלל (Verb) Transliteration: ma-lal Trans: TALK Definition: To deliver or express in spoken words. Strong's: 4448, 4449
Word: מלילה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: EAR Definition: A conglomeration of grain seeds together. Strong's: 4425
Child Root: אמל Definition: Chain or words to form a sentence. Also a sickness as a break in the chain of the body.
Word: אמר (Verb) Transliteration: a-mar Trans: SAY Definition: To speak chains of words that form sentences. Strong's: 559, 560
Word: אמל (Masc) Transliteration: a-mal Trans: STATEMENT Definition: A single declaration or remark. Alternate Spelling: אמר 561
Word: אמלה (Fem) Transliteration: am-lah Trans: SPEECH Definition: The chain of words when speaking. Alternate Spelling: אמרה 565
Word: מאמל (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: WORD Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: מאמר 3982, 3983
Word: אמיל (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: BRANCH Definition: The conglomeration of branches of the tree. Alternate Spelling: אמיר 534
Word: אמול (Masc) Transliteration: e-mor Trans: SAYER Definition: One who speaks words. Possibly a prophet or psalmist. Strong's: n/a
Word: אומל (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: MATTER Definition: A word or utterance spoken about something. Alternate Spelling: אמר 562
Word: מאמל (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: WORD Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: מאמר 3983
Child Root: מלא Definition: A conglomeration of ingredients for filling up something.
Word: מלא (Verb) Transliteration: ma-la Trans: FILL Definition: To occupy to the full capacity. The piel (intensive) form means "fulfill." Strong's: 4390, 4391
Word: מלא (Masc) Transliteration: ma-ley Trans: FULL Definition: Containing as much or as many as is possible or normal. Strong's: 4392
Word: מלאה (Fem) Transliteration: me-ley-ah Trans: RIPE.FRUIT Definition: Fruit that has come to full maturity and fit for eating. Strong's: 4395
Word: מלאת (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: FULL Definition: ? Strong's: 4402
Word: מליא (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: FATLING Definition: In the sense of being full. Alternate Spelling: מריא 4806
Word: מלוא (Masc) Transliteration: me-lo Trans: FILLING Definition: An act or instance of filling; something used to fill a cavity, container, or depression. Alternate Spelling: מלו 4393
Word: מלוא (Masc) Transliteration: mi-lu Trans: INSTALLATION Definition: Placed in its proper and permanent position. Strong's: 4394
Word: מלואה (Fem) Transliteration: mi-lu-ah Trans: SETTING Definition: A recess for filling with a stone or other ornament. Strong's: 4396
Child Root: המל Definition: ?
Word: המולה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: SPEECH Definition: ? Strong's: 1999
Child Root: מהל Definition: A filling with another substance.
Word: מהל (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: MIX Definition: ? Strong's: 4107
Child Root: מול Definition: The front of a long series of the same. The past is seen as "in front" in ancient Hebrew thought because the past can be seen while the future is unseen and therefore behind.
Word: מול (Verb) Transliteration: mul Trans: CIRCUMCISE Definition: To cut off the foreskin of a male. Strong's: 4135
Word: מול (Masc) Transliteration: mul Trans: FOREFRONT Definition: In front of or at the head of, in space or time. Strong's: 4136
Word: מולה (Fem) Transliteration: mu-lah Trans: CIRCUMCISION Definition: The removal of the front part of the male sexual organ. Strong's: 4139
Word: תמול (Masc) Transliteration: te-mul Trans: YESTERDAY Definition: On the day last past. Idiomatic for a time past. Strong's: 8543
Word: אתמול (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: TIMES.PAST Definition: A time that is before. Strong's: 865
Adopted Root: נמל Definition: ? Rel: as cut into segments
Word: נמל (Verb) Transliteration: na-mal Trans: CUT.OFF Definition: To discontinue or terminate. To sever the tip or end. Strong's: 5243
Word: נמל (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: ANT Definition: A segmented insect as cut in the middle. Strong's: 5244

Parent Root: / מן Action: Refuse Concrete: Portion, Number, Right, Kind Abstract: Likeness, What Pictograph: The pictograph is a picture of water, the is a picture of a seed. Combined these mean "water and seed". Definition: When a seed is watered the plant comes out from it growing tall and firm.AI3543
Word: מן (Masc) Transliteration: mahn מנה (Fem) Transliteration: ma-nah Trans: SHARE Definition: A portion that is provided to a group or person to meet their needs. Strong's: 4490
Word: מנת (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: PORTION Definition: A set amount as coming from another. Strong's: 4521
Child Root: מנן Definition: A numbering of a kind.
Word: מינין (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: NUMBER Definition: ? Strong's: 4510
Child Root: מאן Definition: A strength of the will.
Word: מאן (Verb) Transliteration: ma-an Trans: REFUSE Definition: To express one's self as being unwilling to accept. Strong's: 3985
Word: מאן (Masc) Transliteration: ma-eyn Trans: REFUSING Definition: Rejection of a proposal, denial. Strong's: 3986, 3987
Child Root: מנה Definition: The grouping together and counting of those that are of the same kind.
Word: מנה (Verb) Transliteration: ma-nah Trans: RECKON Definition: To appoint, assign, count or number a set of things or people. Aramaic: מנא 4483, 4487
Word: מנה (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: MANEH Definition: A standard of measure. Aramaic: מנא 4484, 4488
Word: מונה (Masc) Transliteration: mo-neh Trans: TIME Definition: The measured or measurable period during which an action, process or condition exists or continues. A counting or reckoning of time. Strong's: 4489
Child Root: מון Definition: Those that come from the same kind, look alike.
Word: תמונה (Fem) Transliteration: te-mu-nah Trans: RESEMBLANCE Definition: To be of like kind. Having attributes that are similar in shape, size or value. Strong's: 8544
Child Root: ימן Definition: The right hand as the strong hand. The Hebrews oriented direction according to the rising sun therefore, the south is to the right.
Word: ימן (Verb) Transliteration: ya-man Trans: GO.RIGHT Definition: To choose, turn or go to the right hand. Alternate Spelling: אמן 541, 3231
Word: ימין (Fem) Transliteration: ya-min Trans: RIGHT.HAND Definition: The hand on the right side of a person. Also, a direction as in to the right. Strong's: 3225
Word: ימני (Masc) Transliteration: ye-ma-ni Trans: RIGHT Definition: A direction as in to the right. Strong's: 3233
Word: תימן (Fem) Transliteration: tey-man Trans: SOUTH Definition: To the right of one when facing the east, the rising sun. Rel: When facing east (the rising sun) and the right arm is lifted straight out away from the side, the right hand is pointing south. Alternate Spelling: Strong's: 8486
Word: ימיני (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: RIGHT Definition: The right hand or the direction of the right hand. Strong's: 3227
Child Root: מין Definition: A category of species as coming from the same kind.
Word: מין (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: STRINGED.INSTRUMENT Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: מן 4482
Word: מין (Masc) Transliteration: min Trans: FROM Definition: A function word indicating a starting point or origin. Rel: In the sense of the plant coming out of the seed. Alternate Spelling: מני 4480, 4481
Word: מין (Masc) Transliteration: min Trans: KIND Definition: A category of creature that comes from its own kind as a firm rule. Strong's: 4327

Parent Root: / מר Action: Irritate, Hurry, Rebel, Rub, Scour Concrete: Bitter, Pit Abstract: Weak, Pain, Rebellion Pictograph: The pictograph is a picture of water, the is a picture of a head. Combined these mean "water head" or headwaters. Definition: ?
Word: מר (Masc) Transliteration: mar Trans: BITTER Definition: A difficult taste or experience. Strong's: 4751, 4752
Word: מרה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BITTERNESS Definition: ? Strong's: 4787
Word: מרי (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: REBELLIOUS Definition: ? Strong's: 4805
Word: ממר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: BITTERNESS Definition: ? Strong's: 4470
Child Root: מרר Definition: The headwaters of a river are only a trickle and have stagnant pools causing the water to be bitter. Rebellion is one with a bitter attitude.
Word: מרר (Verb) Transliteration: ma-rar Trans: BE.BITTER Definition: Having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste. One of the four basic taste sensations. Strong's: 4843
Word: מרר (Masc) Transliteration: ma-rar Trans: BITTERNESS Definition: Having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste. Strong's: n/a
Word: מררה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BILE Definition: The bitter stomach fluid. Strong's: 4845
Word: מרירות (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BITTER Definition: Bitterness Strong's: 4814
Word: מרור (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: BITTER Definition: ? Strong's: 4844
Word: מרורה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: VENOM Definition: The bitter fluids of a serpent. Strong's: 4846
Word: ממרור (Masc) Transliteration: mam-ror Trans: BITTER.HERBS Definition: Edible plants, that when eaten brings tears to the eyes. Strong's: 4472
Word: מרירי (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: BITTER Definition: ? Strong's: 4815
Word: תמרור (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: BITTER Definition: ? Strong's: 8563
Child Root: אמר Definition: A weakness from a bitter sickness.
Word: אמר (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: WEAK Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: אמל 535
Word: אמר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: WEAK Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: אמלל 537
Word: אימר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: LAMB Definition: A weak animal. Strong's: 563
Word: אומר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: WEAK Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: אמלל 536
Child Root: מאר Definition: A bitter irritation from disease.
Word: מאר (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: IRRITATE Definition: ? Strong's: 3992
Child Root: מאר Definition: ?
Word: מרא (Verb) Transliteration: ma-la Trans: FLAP.THE.WINGS Definition: To put into as much as can be held or conveniently contained. To occupy the whole of with fruit, fat or other produce. Alternate Spelling: מרא 4754
Word: מרא (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: LORD Definition: As one who is full of authority. Strong's: 4756
Word: ממרא (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: FATNESS Definition: ? Strong's: n/a
Child Root: המר Definition: The bitterness of the water in a stagnant pit.
Word: מהמרה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: PIT Definition: A deep hole. Strong's: 4113
Child Root: מהר Definition: ?
Word: מהר (Verb) Transliteration: ma-har Trans: HURRY Definition: To carry or cause to go with haste. Strong's: 4116, 4117
Word: מהר (Masc) Transliteration: ma-heyr Trans: QUICKLY Definition: To act on a matter as soon as possible. Strong's: 4118
Word: מהרה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: QUICKLY Definition: ? Strong's: 4120
Word: מהיר (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: READY Definition: In the sense of being quick. Strong's: 4106
Word: מוהר (Masc) Transliteration: mo-har Trans: BRIDE.PRICE Definition: A payment given by or in behalf of a prospective husband to the bride's family. Strong's: 4119
Child Root: מרה Definition: ?
Word: מרה (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: BITTER Definition: Having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste; to be rebellious or disobedient. Strong's: 4784
Word: מורה (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: RAZOR Definition: ? Strong's: 4177
Child Root: מור Definition: ?
Word: מור (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: EXCHANGE Definition: ? Strong's: 4171
Word: מור (Masc) Transliteration: mor Trans: MYRRH Definition: A sweet smelling spice. Used as an exchange due to its monetary value. Strong's: 4753
Word: מורה (Fem) Transliteration: mo-rah Trans: GRIEF Definition: Deep and poignant distress caused by or as if by bereavement. As an exchange. Strong's: 4786
Word: תמורה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: EXCHANGE Definition: ? Strong's: 8545
Child Root: ימר Definition: ?
Word: ימר (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: EXCHANGE Definition: ? Strong's: 3235
Adopted Root: מרד Definition: ? Rel: bitterness
Word: מרד (Verb) Transliteration: ma-rad Trans: REBEL Definition: To oppose or disobey one in authority or control. Strong's: 4775
Word: מרד (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: REBELLION Definition: ? Strong's: 4776, 4777, 4779
Word: מרדות (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: REBELLION Definition: ? Strong's: 4780
Word: נמרוד (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: REBELLING Definition: ? Strong's: n/a
Adopted Root: מרח Definition: A poultice is made by crushing a medicinal plant material and rubbing it onto a wound. Rel: rubbing
Word: מרח (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: RUB Definition: ? Strong's: 4799
Word: מרוח (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: CRUSHED Definition: In the sense of being rubbed. Strong's: 4790
Adopted Root: מרט Definition: Something that is polished or made smooth by rubbing or plucking. Rel: rubbing
Word: מרט (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: RUB Definition: To polish a sword by rubbing it. Also the plucking of hair by rubbing it with a sharp object. Strong's: 4803, 4804
Adopted Root: מרץ Definition: ? Rel: as bitter
Word: מרץ (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: PAINFUL Definition: ? Strong's: 4834
Adopted Root: מרק Definition: A rubbing or scrubbing to cleanse or polish. Rel: rubbing
Word: מרק (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: SCOUR Definition: To briskly rub something. Strong's: 4838
Word: מרק (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: BROTH Definition: ? Strong's: 4839
Word: מרוק (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: SCOURING Definition: A brisk rubbing of the body with ointments. Strong's: 4795
Word: תמרוק (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: CLEANSING Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: תמריק 8562

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