Excerpts from the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon - Quph

Parent Root: / קל Action: Gather, Hurl Concrete: Shepherd, Light, Flock, Voice, Sling Abstract: ? Pictograph: The pictograph is a picture of the sun at the horizon and the gathering of the light, the is a picture of a shepherd staff representing authority. Combined these mean "gathering to the staff". Definition: When the shepherd called the sheep they swiftly came to him. The staff of the shepherd was his tool of authority. With it he would direct, discipline and protect the flock.
Word: קל (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: SWIFT / Sound Definition: The sound of the shepherd that calls the flock. The voice of man or musical instrument. Strong's: 7031, 7032
Word: מקל (Masc) Transliteration: ma-qeyl מקלה (Fem) Transliteration: maq-lah Trans: ROD Definition: A long and slender bar of wood. A staff for walking. Strong's: 4731
Word: מקלה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: STAFF Definition: ? Strong's: 4731
Word: קלי (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: DRIED Definition: Dried foods, grains and meat, are carried by the shepherd. Alternate Spelling: קליא 7039
Word: קלון (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: SHAME Definition: One who is become light in stature. Strong's: 7036
Word: קלקל (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: LIGHT Definition: Something that is light in weight or position (worthless). Strong's: 7052
Child Root: קלל Definition: Something light in weight or stature.
Word: קלל (Verb) Transliteration: qa-lal Trans: BELITTLE Definition: To regard or portray as less impressive or important; to be light in weight; to curse or despise in the sense of making light. Strong's: 7043
Word: קלל (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: POLISHED Definition: ? Strong's: 7044
Word: קללה (Fem) Transliteration: qe-la-lah Trans: ANNOYANCE Definition: The act of disturbing or irritating. Something that is light in stature; considered worthless as compared with something of much greater value or importance. Strong's: 7045
Child Root: קהל Definition: A gathering of sheep to the shepherd.
Word: קהל (Verb) Transliteration: qa-hal Trans: ROUND.UP Definition: To gather together a flock, herd or group of people. Strong's: 6950, 7035
Word: קהל (Masc) Transliteration: qa-hal Trans: ASSEMBLY Definition: A large group, as a gathering of the flock of sheep to the shepherd. Strong's: 6951
Word: קהלה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: BANDED.FLOCK Definition: A large group as a gathering of the flock to the shepherd. Alternate Spelling: להקה 3862
Word: מקהל (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: PASTURE Definition: The place where the flock gathers. Strong's: 4721
Word: מקהלה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: PASTURE Definition: The place where the flock gathers. Strong's: 4721
Word: קהילה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: CONGREGATED.FLOCK Definition: A large group as a gathering of the flock to the shepherd. Alternate Spelling: קהלה 6952
Child Root: קלה Definition: The Shepherd traveled light allowing him to move swiftly. He carried with him a long staff for directing the sheep as well as to protect them from predators. The shepherd also carried a bag, which included dried foods including grains and meat. Also, making light of someone or something as in shame, curse or dishonor.
Word: קלה (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: DRY / Dishonor Definition: To dry foods, grains and meats, to preserve them. Dried foods are carried by the shepherd. To be light in stature, worthless. Strong's: 7033, 7034
Child Root: קול Definition: The call of the shepherd to the sheep who knew him by sound. When it came time to move he would call them and they would quickly gather to him.
Word: קול (Masc) Transliteration: qol Trans: VOICE Definition: The faculty of utterance. Sound of a person, musical instrument, the wind, thunder, etc. Strong's: 6963
Adopted Root: קלע Definition: The hurling of a stone from sling. Rel: always carried by the shepherd in his bag for protection
Word: קלע (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: HURL / Carve Definition: To throw stones with a sling. To carve figures. Strong's: 7049
Word: קלע (Masc) Transliteration: qe-la Trans: SLING Definition: A weapon made of a pouch that is attached to two long cords and used for throwing stones. Also something that hangs like a sling. Strong's: 7050, 7051
Word: מקלעת (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: CARVED.FIGURE Definition: A carved figure. Strong's: 4734
Adopted Root: קקל Definition: ? Rel: as light
Word: קיקלון (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: SHAME Definition: ? Strong's: 7022

Parent Root: / קן Action: Guard, Gather Concrete: Nest, Branch, Song, Bill Abstract: Zealous Pictograph: The pictograph is a picture of the sun at the horizon and the gathering of the light, the is a picture of a seed. Combined these mean "gathering for the seeds". Definition: The parent birds go about gathering materials to build a nest where they will raise their seeds (eggs).
Word: קן (Masc) Transliteration: qeyn Trans: NEST Definition: A bed or receptacle prepared by a bird for its eggs and young. The stall of an animal as a nest. Strong's: 7064
Word: מקנה (Fem) Transliteration: miq-nah Trans: ACQUIRED Definition: What is accumulated in the sense of gathering to build a nest. What is obtained as one's own. Often used in the context of purchasing. Strong's: 4736
Child Root: קנן Definition: The building of the nest and family.
Word: קנן (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: NEST Definition: To build a Nest or home. Strong's: 7077
Word: קינן (Masc) Transliteration: qin-yan Trans: NESTING Definition: ? Strong's: n/a
Word: קינין (Masc) Transliteration: qin-yan Trans: MATERIAL Definition: Something owned, occupied or controlled. The goods and wealth acquired from the idea of acquiring materials for building a nest. Strong's: 7075
Child Root: קנא Definition: The parent bird will guard over and protect the nest and eggs from predators. Man can guard over the family, wife, possessions in a positive way (protect, from an enemy) or in a negative way (by not trusting or a desire to have another's possessions).
Word: קנא (Verb) Transliteration: qa-na Trans: BE.ZEALOUS Definition: To be filled with eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something. Strong's: 7065
Word: קנא (Masc) Transliteration: qa-nah Trans: ZEALOUS Definition: Someone who is insistent on reaching the desired outcome. Single minded. One who is protective over someone or something. Strong's: 7067
Word: קנאה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: ZEALOUSY Definition: A protective or suspicious nature. Strong's: 7068
Word: קנוא (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: ZEALOUS Definition: ? Strong's: 7072
Child Root: קנה Definition: The process of gathering branches for the nest; mans gathering or acquiring materials by taking or buying. The ancients measured wealth by the amount of one's possessions and measured distances using a branch with marks on it.
Word: קנה (Verb) Transliteration: qa-nah Trans: PURCHASE Definition: To acquire ownership or occupation through an exchange. Aramaic: קנא 7066, 7069
Word: מקנה (Masc) Transliteration: miq-neh Trans: LIVESTOCK Definition: Animals kept or raised for use or pleasure. What is purchased or possessed. Strong's: 4735
Child Root: קון Definition: The repetitive song or chirping of a bird.
Word: קון (Verb) Transliteration: Trans: CHANT Definition: As a repetitive sound like a bird. Strong's: 6969
Word: קונה (Fem) Transliteration: Trans: CHANTING Definition: ? Alternate Spelling: קינה 7015
Child Root: קין Definition: The bill of a bird used for feeding it young and as a weapon.
Word: קין (Masc) Transliteration: Trans: SPEARHEAD Definition: Like the bill of bird used to defend the nest. Strong's: 7013

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