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What is the origin of Baptism?

In the Gospels we find John the Baptist baptizing people in the Jordan River. But where did the concept of Baptism originate? Was this a command from God that we are not told about? Did John develop the concept of Baptism? Was baptism being done before the New Testament? Why was John baptizing people in the Jordan River? Because the Bible is silent on these issues, Churches have created their own doctrines concerning baptism.
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Mysteries in the Hebrew Language

Is it possible that ancient peoples were capable of more scientific advancements then we give them credit for? Are there clues within the Hebrew language that may allude to advanced scientific knowledge? Or is it just a coincidence? You decide.
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The Horns of Moses

According to Exodus 7:1 YHWH made Moses (Mosheh) God to Pharoah. In Hebrew thought a god is one who has "power" and "authority." In this video will examine a few passages showing that Moses had "power" and "authority."
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Ba'al: Names and Nouns in Hebrew

In one of my recent videos I mentioned that the Hebrew word ba'al is used for God. From this comment I received a number of comments and emails asking about this, as people believed that ba'al was a god that Israel was commanded not to worship. I believe that the confusion comes from an incomplete understanding of Semitic names, which I explain in this video.
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The Dead Sea Scrolls

Very few ancient texts of the Hebrew Bible have been found and are very rare, that is until 1947 when the discovery of a depository of scrolls in the Dead Sea Caves provided us with a library of ancient manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible.
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The Aaronic Blessing

The Ancient Hebrew Language is a much more concrete language and when we interpret the Aaronic Blessing from their cultural perspective the passage comes to life in a way never seen before.
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