Mayan Rocket

Description: In 1952 Ruz Lhuillier was excavating the staircase of the Pyramid Temple when he found a sealed passageway that led to the burial crypt and sarcophagus of King Pakul. This was the first burial crypt found in Central America, let alone in a pyramid, and fueled a debate that the Incas were in some way connected to Egypt.

Mainstream Theory: According to the Mayan legend, the symbols of the lid shows King Pacal falling into the jaws of the Earth monster each night to rise again with the power of the sun each morning. Its teeth are enlarged to demonstrate its encompassing power.

Alternative Theory: The carving appears to be a picture of a man seated at the controls of a type of flying ship. His hands and feet appear to be working instruments and pedals. The outline of the craft can be seen with many mechanical features and what appears to be flames coming out of the bottom of the craft.