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A Mechanical Translation of the Book of Exodus
By Jeff A. Benner

The Hebrew text of the book of Exodus where each Hebrew word, prefix and suffix is literally and consistently translated word.

ISBN: 9781602643918
Publisher: Virtual Bookworm
Pages: 444

The Mechanical Translation of the Book of Exodus is the second book in the Mechanical Translation of the Hebrew Bible series which literally translates the book of Exodus using the "Mechanical Translation" methodology and philosophy. This new and unique style of translation will allow a reader who has no background in Hebrew to see the text from an Hebraic perspective, without the interjection of a translators theological opinions and bias. Because the translation method identifies the morphology of each Hebrew word it is also a tool for those who are learning to read Biblical Hebrew.

Book Features
  • The Hebrew text of Exodus and a transliteration of the text into Roman characters.
  • The Mechanical Translation, which translates each Hebrew word, prefix and suffix exactly the same way it occurs in the text, and in the same word order as found in the Hebrew.
  • The Revised Mechanical Translation, which rearranges the words of the Mechanical Translation so that it can be understood by the average reader who does not understand Hebrew syntax.
  • About five hundred footnotes on the Hebrew grammar, idioms, alternate translations and meanings of specific words and phrases.
  • A dictionary and concordance for each word used in the Mechanical Translation.
  • Several appendices detailing specific word and phrase translations.

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Total Reviews: 13 ( 5.0 ) See all reviews

David - Highly Recommended
This is absolutely a great study tool for the book of Shemot (Exodus). I have gotten so much out of this work by Jeff A. Benner. One of many things that we missing in virtually all other translations is the amount of idioms used in the original Hebrew. Mr. Benner keeps the idioms in the translation and they add so much to the meaning of the passages. I highly recommend this work.

SHINY NOSE - The best of the best: a must read for all humans.
This has to be the best and original version of torah i ever read. I have not read anything so accurate.

Richard Pelham - Indespenable for understanding Scripture.
This book along with his translation of Genesis is a must for all serious Bible students. It will open up Scripture like nothing else.

Rob Gurton - Exodus Revealed
I've wanted to get closer to the text for devotional purposes but not yet mustered a serious attempt to learn Hebrew. This approach significantly leapfrogs the benefits of beginners Hebrew. Reading this alongside the NIV made me see things in the NIV I'd never noticed before. Somehow if it reads in natural English I miss just how significant some of the things being said are. One or two things have hit me that are just different to the NIV. Moses does not say "Here I am" to the burning bush - but rather "look me". Might seem like a small thing but it does give a different slant on what is going on. I love the meaning of every person and place name being immediately accessible as I read the text - it adds alot to the meaning. So the Eygptians were squeezing the sons of Israel and Eygypt was Two Straits whereas the promised land is wide. I also love being able to read out loud the transliterated Hebrew to hear what the original sounds like. I've really got alot from the Mechanical translations - a plea to the author: could you do Psalms next?

Ardree Daniels - A Must Study
If you are a Christian learning Hebrew or if you are one who wishes to dive deep into the Torah WORD of God (Elohim), Jeff Benner's book A Mechanical Translation of The Book Of Exodus is a must read. It teaches you the pure Shemoth (Exodus) using the Mechanical Translation (MT) and the Revised Mechanical Translation (RMT). You will read and learn the exact Words God (Elohim) spoke to Moses His servant. My advise to all who study this book, make sure you pray first before you start so that the LORD YHWH can carefully guide you through this book. After reading and studying this book please, please share the Knowledge of the Good News with others.

A. Allred - Truly enlightening
I had seen the e-book of this and had to buy a hard copy for the conveinience of side by side Bible reading. This is definately a book well worth owning. It's great for clarification on those not-so-clear verses that you find in old testament. I'm very excited for the rest of the publications of this series.