A Mechanical Translation of the Book of Genesis
By Jeff A. Benner

Mr. Benner's first translation, the Book of Genesis. This work includes a side-by-side Hebrew text with the English Mechanical Translation beside it and copious footnotes. The Mechanical Translation translates each Hebrew word prefix and suffix the same way every time it appears, but is also accompanied with a revised translation that is easier to read along with a full lexicon of all the words in the Book of Genesis. (452 pages)

If you want to know what was actually written in the first book of the Bible this is the guide
-- K. A. Beaver

Brace yourself for the most literal translation ever!
-- Dr. Joe Cool

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While the original Biblical text was written from an Ancient Hebraic perspective, all modern translations of the Bible are written from our modern western perspective. This traditional approach to translation does allow for ease in reading but it erases the original Hebraic style and meaning of the text. In addition, translations take many liberties by removing, changing or adding words from the text in order to "fix" the text for the English reader. The Mechanical Translation is a new and unique style of translation that will reveal the Hebrew behind the English by translating the text very literally and faithfully to the original Hebrew text. A great tool for those interested in studying the Bible who have no Hebrew background as well as for those who are learning to read the Bible in its original Hebrew language.

Book Features
  • An introduction to the Hebrew language and grammar.
  • The Hebrew text from the Biblia Hebraica Leningradensia.
  • A literal word for word translation of the Hebrew text.
  • A revised translation for understandability in English.
  • A dictionary of words defined from an Hebraic perspective.
  • A concordance of all words found in the book of Genesis.

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James R. Holder - A Start to Understanding the problems in the English translations of the Hebrew Scrptures
The contents of this little book provides the opening of bringing one face to face with the issue of how English speaking people do NOT see the world about them as the ancient Hebrews saw the world. Thus, this is an excelent place to start building an understanding of the (badly) translated offerings in the available English Bibles of today!

Eric Sperger - Get it!
If you want to know what the Scriptures are really saying in the original manuscripts then this book is for you! You will be amazed!

chloe - Easy and simple...word for word...a needy and appreciated work
I like that this is translated verse by verse and that I can match the Hebrew word to the English word because it's so literally translated. The format of the book is super. It's now my favorite Bible.

Ardree Daniels - A Meeting With God On The Mountain
To all who wish to learn the pure language of the Hebrew and to the Saints of God (Elohim), I encourage you to read Jeff Benner's A Mechanical Translation of The Book Of Genesis: The Hebrew Text Literally Translated Word for Word. It is a must read for Biblical students. Reading this book will give you the feeling that you are meeting with God (Elohim) on the mountain to listen to and learn the sweet WORDs of God (Elohim). Although I am not finshed with the book yet because I've just bought it, already I have went to another level in the Knowledge of the Word of God (Elohim). I literally hate to put it down and when I go to bed, it is on my mind and I can't wait to wake up to study it some more. I can go on and on about this book but you just have to buy it and study it for yourself and if you don't, you are losing out and that would be a shame. After you read this book, please follow it up with Jeff Benner's Mechanical Translation of The Book of Exodus. Ardree

A. Allred - AMAZING!
This book gives you a completely different understanding of Genesis. It will blow your mind. It's great. Absolutely great. Jeff Benner is an awesome author as well. He really knows his stuff.