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Mr. Benner's Books

The Torah: A Mechanical Translation
The Mechanical method of translating the Bible is a new and unique style of translating that translates each Hebrew word, prefix and suffix exactly the same way every time it occurs and in the same order as they appear in the Hebrew text. (Format: Hardcover | Go to Softcover) [Learn More]

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible
All the Hebrew words of the Bible are connected to their roots and defined within their ancient cultural context and meaning. (Format: Hardcover) [Learn More]

Benner's Commentary on the Torah
Jeff A. Benner's commentary on selected verses, names and topics, expounding on the linguistic and cultural background of the Hebrew Bible. (Format: Softcover) [Learn More]

Benner's Translation of the Torah
Jeff A. Benner's translation of the Torah, based on his ground-breaking work with The Torah: A Mechanical Translation, brings a fresh and unique look at the Torah. All the names in the translation are transliterated from the Hebrew (Ya'aqov instead of Jacob) and the text is heavily footnoted, bringing insights into the text from the Hebrew language. (Format: Softcover) [Learn More]

Ancient Hebrew Language and Alphabet
Understanding the Ancient Hebrew Language of the Bible, based on the Ancient Hebrew Culture and Thought. (Format: Softcover) [Learn More]

Ancient Hebrew Torah
Now, with the Ancient Hebrew Torah, the Torah can be read and studied through the original pictographic script from the time of Abraham and Moses. (Format: Softcover) [Learn More]

Ancient Hebrew Torah Lexicon
The companion lexicon to the Ancient Hebrew Torah that provides a translation for each Hebrew word found in the Torah. (Format: Softcover) [Learn More]

Ancient Hebrew Dictionary
This Biblical Hebrew dictionary contains the one thousand most frequent verbs and nouns found within the Hebrew Bible. (Format: Softcover) [Learn More]

The Living Words
A study of Hebrew words in the Old and New Testament from their original Hebraic perspective. (Format: Softcover) [Learn More]

His Name is One
An examination of the Hebrew words and names used for God and their interpretation from an ancient Hebrew perspective. (Format: Softcover) [Learn More]

Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics
A fresh look at the theology and science of Creation. (Format: Softcover) [Learn More]

Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew
Hebrew lessons, dictionary and reference guide for learning the alphabet and language of the Bible. (Format: Softcover) [Learn More]

Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew 2
After learning the Hebrew alphabet, it's time to learn Hebrew grammar, morphology and syntax. (Format: Softcover) [Learn More]

New Testament Greek to Hebrew Dictionary
Five hundred of the most frequent Greek words and names of the New Testament retranslated back into Hebrew for English Readers. (Format: Softcover) [Learn More]