The Four Stages of Biblical Transmission (DVD)
By Jeff A. Benner

Publisher: Createspace
Time: 41 min.

The original writers of the Bible were "inspired" to write down their beliefs and history. As the material which these original writings were written on deteriorate over time, it is necessary to "preserve" them by copying them onto new material. Over time the copies must be copied and over the millennia we are left with copies of copies of copies, etc. As the originals and their copies are written in Hebrew, it is necessary to "translate" the text into the language of the reader. Each reader will then read the translated text and "interpret" it. This process of "inspiration", "preservation", "translation" and "interpretation" can, at any point, be altered or changed from the original authors intended meaning and we are left with "the readers interpretation of the translators opinion of the copiers version of the original text".

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nipa - very good
Very good very pleased

John Brown - How we got the Bible
This is a clear and simple discussion of how the ancient Jewish documents we call the Bible has come to us down through the ages. Mr. Benner is not theological nor promotes a particular English version but offers insight into the process of transmission from origination, to preservation, to translation to interpretation of the meaning of passages. This video should be shown to every Sunday School class and Bible Study group in the Christendom.