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Ancient Hebrew Study Pack
The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew alphabet has a very long history and has gone through several evolutions, beginning with its original pictographic form. The original pictograph script of the Hebrew alphabet portrayed images of different objects, such as an ox head, hand, tent, etc. These images include a meaning that help with defining Hebrew words.

Study Pack Contents

History of the Hebrew Alphabet

The Ancient Pictographic Alphabet

The Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet

Changes in the Hebrew Alphabet

How are the meanings of the Ancient Hebrew letters determined?

The Los Lunas Inscription

Mr. Benner's translation of the Ancient Menorah Rock Inscription

Hebrew Alphabet Chart

Learn the Ancient Pictographic Hebrew Script

A History of Hebrew: Alphabet

The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew and Samaritan Alphabets

The Hebrew Origin of the English Alphabet

Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions

The Ancient Hebrew Pictographic Vocabulary

Sabbath in Ancient Hebrew Pictographs

Old Hebrew Discoveries

The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet

Collection of Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions