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Ancient Hebrew Study Pack
The History of the Hebrew Bible

Examining the Masoretic Hebrew Texts, Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient manuscripts related to the Hebrew Bible as well as proofs for the historicity of the Hebrew Bible.

Study Pack Contents

Extant Manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible

Greek Influence on translations of the Hebrew Bible

History of the Torah

The Documentary Hypothesis: Who wrote the Torah?

Origins of Writing

Ugarit and the Bible

The Archives of Ebla and the Bible

The Great Isaiah Scroll and the Masoretic Text

Dead Sea Scroll Text of Psalm 138

The phrase "Dead Sea Scroll" in Hebrew

A History of Hebrew: The Hebrew Bible

A History of the Masoretic Hebrew Texts

Evidence of the Historicity of the Bible

Extra-Biblical source confirms existence of King David

Examining Isaiah 9:6 from the Great Isaiah Scroll

About the Dead Sea Scrolls

Four stages of Biblical transmission