Ancient Hebrew Study Packs

Note that these study packs include the same ebooks and videos found elsewhere in the bookstore.

The Mechanical Translation of Genesis - [Free]
The Book of Genesis is best understood through the lens of an Ancient Hebrew perspective. When this perspective is ignored, and the reader or translator assumes a western mindset when reading the text, misinterpretations and mistranslations will occur.

Introduction to Ancient Hebrew - $40
An introduction to the Ancient Hebrew Research Center and the Ancient Hebrew alphabet, language and philosophy. Also, Mr. Benner's Ancient Hebrew seminars discussing the alphabet, language and philosophy of the Bible.

The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet - $20
The Hebrew alphabet has a very long history and has gone through several evolutions, beginning with its original pictographic form.

Hebrew Word Studies - $30
When we study the words of the Bible, our goal is to learn the meaning of these words from a Hebraic perspective, which will help with proper Biblical interpretation. Included are some word studies that will demonstrate the necessity of studying Hebrew words from a Hebraic perspective.

The Ancient Hebrew Culture and Philosophy - $20
Each culture is unique and only by studying the culture of the Hebrew people can we begin to understand what they wrote in the Bible. These resources will provide insights into the minds of the Ancient Hebrews, who viewed the world around them very differently than we do.

The Ancient Hebrew Vocabulary - $20
Tools and resource that will assist the reader with defining the Ancient Hebrew vocabulary from the perspective of the Ancient Hebrew philosophy and culture.

The Ancient Hebrew Language - $25
Examining the Ancient Hebrew language and its relationship to the Hebrews’ philosophy and culture. We will also be looking into Hebrew names and words, their roots and their meanings.

The Name of God and his Character - $20
One of the most debated topics is how one pronounces the name of God. We will be examining the evidences for the pronunciation of the name as well as looking into the meaning of the name. In addition, we will be investigating the nature and character of YHWH and how he is portrayed in the Bible.

Biblical Interpretations - $40
It is important, for correct interpretation of the Bible, to study the Bible from its original ancient cultural context, otherwise, when we use our Modern Western perspectives, we will misinterpret the Bible. In addition, demonstrations of textual criticism will show the importance of its use in Biblical interpretation.

Learn Hebrew - $20
Mr. Benner has taught thousands to read the Bible in Hebrew and it is easier than many think.

The Hebrew Bible and its History - $25
Examining the various Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient inscriptions, manuscripts and translations of the Bible, as well as the history of the Bible.

Ancient Hebrew Torah - $30
The Torah in Ancient Hebrew with an and accompanying lexicon and concordance as well as Mr. Benner's translation of the Torah.

The Mechanical Translation - $30
Mr. Benner's revolutionary translation method of the Torah as well as the philosophy and methodology of the Mechanical Translation is explained.

New Testament Studies - $40
Investigating the language of the New Testament and its original Hebraic origins. We will also be looking into Yeshua's teachings, which must be understood from their first century, Jewish culture and perspective.