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Ancient Hebrew Study Pack
New Testament Studies

Investigating the language of the New Testament and its original Hebraic origins. We will also be looking into Yeshua's teachings, which must be understood from their first century, Jewish culture and perspective.

Study Pack Contents

New Testament Greek to Hebrew Dictionary

Greek and Aramaic Manuscripts of the New Testament

Teaching style of Yeshua (Jesus)

Let the Dead Bury their Dead

The misunderstood "Parable of the unjust steward"

What is the Great Commandment?

The Rich Man

Yeshua the Son of Man

Yeshua and the Pharisees

Interpreting the events of Act 2 from a Jewish perspective

Understanding Law in Romans and Galatians

The Two Covenants: Sarah and Hagar

The Torah of Righteousness

A New Heart: Covenant relationship with God

The New Testament and Judaism

Archaeological Evidence of a Semitic New Testament

Jewish Perception of the Greek Language and Culture

Semitic Origins of the Book of Matthew

Hebrew Words in the Greek New Testament

Hebrew in First Century Israel

Textual Evidence of a Hebrew Origin for the New Testament

The Semitic Origins of the New Testament

How To: New Testament Greek to Hebrew

Where did the name "Jesus" come from?

What is the origin of Baptism?

John 1:1 from a Hebraic perspective

The Great Commandment

Semitic Origins of the New Testament