Ancient Hebrew Study Pack
Hebrew Word Studies


When we study the words of the Bible, our goal is to learn the meaning of these words from a Hebraic perspective, which will help with proper Biblical interpretation. Included are some word studies that will demonstrate the necessity of studying Hebrew words from a Hebraic perspective.

Study Pack Contents

The Living Words

Ancient Hebrew Dictionary

Importance of studying Hebrew Words

Is Strong's Dictionary enough for studying the Hebrew text of the Bible

Redefining Biblical Hebrew Words

Why study the Hebrew language and culture

How to use a Bible Dictionary and Concordance

Studies in the Psalms: Psalm 1

Studies in the Psalms: Psalm 23

The Heart of the Matter

The Horns of Moses

Psalm 1:1 | Hebrew Word Studies

Psalm 1:2 | Hebrew Word Studies

Hebrew Word Study: Psalm 22:8

Hebrew Word Studies - How and Why

How to use the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon

How to read the Bible correctly

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