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The Ark of the Covenant (DVD)
By Jeff A. Benner

Publisher: Createspace
Time: 27 min.

This video presents a unique interpretation of the appearance and purpose of the Ark of Covenant by examining the Hebrew text of the Bible. Mr. Benner examines the Hebrew words within the text, as well as their roots and meanings, to examine the characteristics, appearance and purpose of the ark and the cherubim upon the Ark. This study is excerpted from Mr. Benner's teaching at the Restoration Conference in Portland Oregon in July 2008.

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D. Kvarnstrom - The Ark of the Covenant CD has been very helpful to me in understanding the concept of what the 'Ark' actually stands for.
I like it because it is clear, interesting and answers many of my questions. I have shared it with other people who have expressed an interest in knowing Elohiym and His word.

John Brown - Speculation on a non-medieval depiction of the Ark
Mr. Benner offers from the ancient Hebrew culture and language a very different image of what the Ark of the Covenant might have looked like. If you want cultural and language insight over medieval paintings, get this DVD!

Budding Blogger - This teaching is worth having!
I have many of Jeff's books. If you want to dig into the truth of the Scriptures, purchase any of his books. Looking at the scriptures from a Ancient Hebrew perspective opens your understanding of the scriptures into the fullness of what our Father wanted us to understand about Him and His Kingdom. One other DVD I would recommend is the one on Aaron's blessing. Both are excellent!