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Genesis Chapter One
By Jeff A. Benner

Publisher: Ancient Hebrew Research Center
Time: 1 hr. 5 min.

The first two verses of Genesis chapter one is a summary of the entire chapter. When the Hebrew words of these verses are closely examined from an Hebraic perspective, the text comes to life. Mr. Benner's translation of this text reads, "in the summit Elohiym fattened the sky and the land, and the land had existed in confusion and was unfilled and darkness was upon the face of the deep sea and the wind of Elohiym was much fluttering upon the face of the water." While this translation may read very differently from what most are used to, this video explains each of these words in detail allowing the reader to see the text through the eyes of the original author.

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Budding Blogger - Great Ancient Hebrew Resource
This is a mechanical translation of Genesis Chapter 1 from the ancient Paleo Hebrew. Gives the reader a more profound understanding of what the original Hebrew was saying. This is not an easy to read English translation because of the differences in Hebrew and English and the grammar structures. It isn't meant to be. This is a Hebrew Resource book for those who want to delve into the pure ancient Hebrew which the scriptures were written in.