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An Introduction to Ancient Hebrew
By Jeff A. Benner

Publisher: Ancient Hebrew Research Center
Time: 58 min.

This video examines various aspects of the Ancient Hebrew language including; the relationship between the Hebrew words of the Bible and the Ancient Hebrew culture; the differences between Greek and Hebrew concepts such as time and space; the meaning of the letters in the ancient pictographic Hebrew script; and the root system of the Ancient Hebrew language.

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Total Reviews: 2 ( 5.0 ) See all reviews

Leayh Graham - starsFive Stars
Very interesting and helpful information.

D. jones - Very Good with One Caveat
I have four of Jeff's DVD's and all of them have very interesting teaching in them. This one goes through the ancient forms of the Hebrew aleph-bet and gives you an overview of how the letters themselves, in their ancient form, tell a story of how a word such as "AB/AV" for father were built and how those pictographs help us gather a deeper truer understanding of God's communication. If you are interested in the Jewish roots of the Christian faith you are going to like all of Jeff's DVD's. The one caveat is that while these are in DVD format they are not what you are expecting. These are essentially audio CD's that have been brought over into DVD format. You will not see Jeff speaking on any of these. It is purely voice (like an audio CD) with something akin to PowerPoint slides for illustrations. When I first got mine I was a bit disappointed. When I buy a DVD I assume I am buying a video presentation not an audio CD presentation with PowerPoint slides. That being said the visual aids in the DVD ARE helpful to understanding Jeff's teaching and do make the DVD format more valuable than an audio CD. Jeff is an outstanding teacher who will help you move forward in your understanding of the roots of your faith. You will benefit from purchasing his DVD's.