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The Semitic Origins of the New Testament
By Jeff A. Benner

Publisher: Ancient Hebrew Research Center
Time: 54 min.

This 54 minute DVD presents archeological, historical, manuscript, textual, and cultural evidence that suggests the New Testament was not originally written in Greek, but with a Semitic, and probably Hebrew, language and later, translated into Greek. This study is excerpted from Mr. Benner's teaching at the Restoration Conference in Portland Oregon in July 2008.

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Leayh Graham - starsI enjoyed this information and was surprised that I had read
I enjoyed this information and was surprised that I had read some of the same passages in the bible before and had not paid enough attention them. I have thought for some time that the New Testament was written in Hebrew and this is a start to learn more about the early writings of the Apostles. Thanks for sharing this in a easy format.

John Brown - An argument for the Bible being a Jewish book
Jesus was a Jew as were his apostles and his ministry was to Jews only (Israel) even though he spoke to and ministered to a few gentiles along the way. So why would the story of Jewish Jesus and his Jewish apostles be anything but a Jewish book? Mr. Benner presents the fundamental arguments for the Jewish book to have been originally written in a Jewish language: Hebrew.