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The Aaronic Blessing
By Jeff A. Benner

Publisher: Ancient Hebrew Research Center
Time: 42 min.

We may all be familiar with the Aaronic blessing, but only from a Western Greco-Roman perspective. When the words of the blessing are examined from an Hebraic perspective, the words come to life and reveal new meanings and understandings.

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Total Reviews: 6 ( 5.0 ) See all reviews

Don - starsvery good, learned a lot
Very, very good, learned a lot, very well done!!

Amazon Customer - worthy resource
encouraging resource to anyone who prays. To anyone who leads prayer. this will be of interest to anyone in ministry

Budding Blogger - Fantastic DVD!
Once more Jeff has opened the beauty of the Ancient Hebrew with this mechanical translation of Aaron's blessing. This blessing is used in many churches today but I doubt that they understand the righteousness of this blessing that Yahweh gave to Moses, to pass on to Aaron and the priests, to be spoken over the people of Israel.

Curt - Best DVD
I own a few of Jeff Benner's DVDs and this one is the richest and best. Truly a blessing!