The Laetoli Print

Description: Dr. Mary Leakey and her husband discovered about 70 prints in fossilized mud in 1976 in Laetoli, Tanzania.

Mainstream Theory: One archeologist, Fiona Marshal stated, They look just like the prints of one of us or one of our children. Absolutely human, but when you think they're 3.6 million years old, I think it gives you a chill. . R. H. Tuttle reported in his book (Kinesiological inferences and evolutionary implications from Laetoli bipedal trails G-1, G-2/ 3 and A', Leakey and Hams, Ref. 1, Chapter 13.3, pp. 503 523), If the prints were produced by a small species of Australopithecus (southern ape) then we must conclude that it had virtually human feet which were used in a manner indistinguishable from those of slowly walking humans.

Alternative Theory: The feet that produced the G trails are in no discernible features transitional between the feet of apes and those of Homo sapiens. They are like small barefoot Homo sapiens.