The Kentucky Print

Description: W. G. Burroughs, a professor of geology at Berea College, discovered human-like prints in the Upper Carboniferous Strata (This period included the formation of coal) in Kentucky. Similar prints have been found in Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and even westward toward the Rocky Mountains (Ingalls, 1940, 162:14; see also, Wilder-Smith, 1970, p. 300).

Mainstream Theory: Charles Gilmore (top paleontologist at Smithsonian Institute in 1940) and Burroughs suggest the tracks are of a bipedal amphibian.

Alternative Theory: The strata in which these prints were found are dated at 354 to 290 million years ago and if these are in fact genuine human tracks, they would pre-date the scientific communities accepted date of modern man by many millions of years.