The Dendra Lightbulb

Description: In an underground cavern below the Hathor-temple in Dendera, Egypt there are several relief's depicting ancient devices, these controversial relief's are known as the Dendera lights. Two arms reach into its bulbous rounded end, these arms are supported by columns which are called Djed Pillars or Tet Columns, but very much resemble high voltage insulators. At the thin end of the Dendera lights runs something resembling a cable into the glass bulb. Extending the length of the glass bulb is a snake hanging horizontally in the air. The whole arrangement bears an striking resemblance to an electric lamp.

Mainstream Theory: Traditional Egyptologists claim that the relief's are of a religious / mythological nature. Traditional Egyptologists state that the Dendera lights are nothing more than a lotus flower, spawning a snake within.

Alternative Theory: A Norwegian electrical engineer is credited as being the first to notice that the objects shown on the relief could conceivably work as a lamp, and an Austrian colleague constructed a working model.