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By profession I am an Engineer but for many years my passion has been the Hebrew language of the Tenach/Old Testament. When I began learning Hebrew I found that the translators of the Bible often interjected their own belief system into the translation. Because of this, the English reader was reading the translators opionion of what the Hebrew text said rather than reading the text itself for what the original author intended. In 1999 I began the "Ancient Hebrew Research Center" in order to disseminate what I had learned about the Hebrew Bible, language and culture. This web site is not without controversy as well. Some of the theories that I have presented there are contrary to the established beliefs of theologians and linguists and are therefore considered "fringe".

Another area of "fringe" sciences that I have taken an interest in is the area of the ancient history of man. A number of years ago I stumbled on a web site that presented ancient anomalies that did not fit with the established scientific community. These anomalies included human bones and artifacts in rocks and strata that predated man. Coming from a Christian view this intrigued me as it proved, if found to be true, that humans did not evolve and had existed from the beginning as stated in Genesis one.

As my research continued in the subject I found that some of the evidence did not fit with the established Theological beliefs either. This left me with a perplexing dilemma. I had believed that there were only two theories to the origins of man, evolution or creation. I discovered that some of the evidence did not fit with either theory. Therefore, I knew that I needed to examine this evidence closer in order to determine what theory the evidence did fit. I determined that I was going to examine the facts asisde from any scientific or religious bias and allow those facts to dictate what scientific or religious theory I would hold to.

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Jeff A. Benner

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About the author of this web site