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This web site is a search for facts and truth. Truth is by definition a belief system whether it is a faith in God or a faith in evolution. Truth is subjective and each discipline follows a set of truths as outlined within the doctrines of that discipline. Facts are physical evidences, something that can be seen, studied and tested. Truth lies in how that evidence is interpreted.

Here we will examine the factual evidence of man's history then attempt to interpret it. In order to do this we will need to examine the evidence as well as the reviewer of that evidence.

Most of us are not scientist or theologians and do not have access to much of the evidence presented here, let alone be able to study and test it. We are then at the mercy of those who are and do have the access. Anyone who has studied any controversial evidence knows that there are "experts" on both sides of the controversy which will attest to its validy or fabrication.

Our job is to examine the evidence through the various experts eyes on both sides as well as the doctrines and motives of the experts. In this way we can spot doctrinal bias on the part of the expert which will help to understand his interpretation of the evidence.

For many of us our scientific knowledge was limited to what we learned in school while our religious knowledge was limited to what we learned at Church or Synagogue. The only other informational medias available at that time was the television, magazines and books. These forms of media only published doctrines accepted by the established scientists and theologians.

Within the last few years we have seen the advent of the Internet which has been instrumental in shaping many peoples doctrines as it provides an opportunity to explore areas that were hidden from us only a few short years ago. We can now go on line and read about any subject from any perspective.

With all of the information available on the internet how are we going to know what is fact and what is fantasy? For those of us who do not have a doctorate we will have to do our own research in order to sort through the material. Some of the material will be written by highly educated people and some will be written by uneducated people. There are many uneducated people who have succesfully researched an area of discipline and became leaders within that discipline. I never judge a persons doctrines by their credentials but by their research.

Higher educational institutions tend to teach their students "what to think" rather than "how to think". Doctrines are taught and expected to be followed and there is no room for free-thinkers or open minds. Often it is the ones who have not been indoctrinated by a higher educational facility that have proposed new ideas and theories which later are found to be fact.

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