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Entry #: 1524
Date: Oct, 2017
Name: George A Mason Jr
Location: Benton, AR
Comments: Thank y'all so much for providing great knowledge and truth. Much appreciated

Entry #: 1523
Date: Oct, 2017
Name: maraea waititi
Location: Aotearoa
Comments: thank you for sharing all that you have with many of us who are searching for a deeper understanding of the Hebrew culture that we may be more informed about the truth of Gods word from His cultural perspective...

Entry #: 1522
Date: Oct, 2017
Name: jeanie Talley
Location: dothan

Entry #: 1521
Date: Oct, 2017
Name: Royce Jones
Location: Gadsden, AL
Comments: Thank you for your research and revelation. Your humility is much appreciated

Entry #: 1520
Date: Sep, 2017
Name: jP/ jerome / pix
Location: somewhere between heaven zh

Entry #: 1519
Date: Sep, 2017
Name: Brandon Black
Location: Graham, NC
Comments: Thank you Jeff for all the work you have put into this. I praise YHWH God for raising you up for this task! Understanding the Paleo Hebrew has been highly instrumental in helping me understand the Hebrew Text of the Bible.

Entry #: 1518
Date: Sep, 2017
Name: Micahel Banks
Location: TN
Comments: I want to learn Hebrew and better understand the Bible. Where to I begin?
From AHRC: The best place to start is the lessons on our website at

Entry #: 1517
Date: Sep, 2017
Name: Daniel Premetz
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Entry #: 1516
Date: Sep, 2017
Name: Larry Taylor
Location: United States
Comments: Where might I find a good physical copy of the Hebrew alphabet to be kept in my notes to be used when the internet is not available? Thank you for your time.
From AHRC: You can find the poster of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet that I created at CafePress

Entry #: 1515
Date: Sep, 2017
Name: Sandra
Location: sulphur springs, texas
Comments: I need to write; happiness, health and wisdom in Hebrew.
From AHRC: The answer to your question is as follows;
  • אושר - (o'sher) Happiness
  • שלום - (shalom) This is the Biblical Hebrew word for "health," but in modern Hebrew it is בראות (b'riy'ut).
  • חכם - (hhakham) Wisdom

Entry #: 1514
Date: August, 2017
Name: mark leonard
Location: Abbotsford BC canada

Entry #: 1513
Date: August, 2017
Comments: I was pleasantly surprised, blessed and enriched in finding Your site. Thank You All and God Bless You!

Entry #: 1512
Date: August, 2017
Name: Miguel Mafla
Location: United States
Comments: Thank you so much for what you have done here! It has been a tremendous blessing for my morning devotionals!

Entry #: 1511
Date: August, 2017
Name: Mathew Ackerman
Location: South Africa
Comments: can the absorbed missing letters f.e. g , s , again be reintroduced as formal speech and written word to 'correct ' anomalies ? Thank you

Entry #: 1510
Date: August, 2017
Name: Joe and Goldie Zietz
Location: Lake Katrine NY
Comments: I am interested in attending an online school to further my education in the Ancient Hebrew studies. If you do not have one, would you recommend one. Thank you, Goldie Zietz

Entry #: 1509
Date: July, 2017
Name: carlo raath
Location: Vereeniging, South Africa
Comments: It was interesting. I was a blessing!

Entry #: 1508
Date: July, 2017
Name: BoBByCharles AppleBy
Location: Abington, Massachusetts
Comments: I am new to the website. My purpose for being here is that I have just begun the study of Hebrew under my Messianic Rabbi and he has referred me to this website in his Hebrew instruction. Thank you for being here.

Entry #: 1507
Date: July, 2017
Name: Ps Vusi Maphalala
Location: South Africa
Comments: Wants to learn to use pictographs specially for new testament

Entry #: 1506
Date: July, 2017
Name: David Weatherford
Location: Dallas
Comments: Reading the work of Craig Winn led me to your work. I am greatful for both. Thank you.

Entry #: 1505
Date: July, 2017
Name: Larry
Location: Belen, NM
Comments: Wonderful resource for learning Hebrew.

Entry #: 1504
Date: June, 2017
Name: Justin Toner
Location: South Carolina
Comments: Thank you.

Entry #: 1503
Date: June, 2017
Name: Dan
Comments: Hebrew understanding of the bible

Entry #: 1502
Date: June, 2017
Name: Sam Denny
Location: Fairbanks Alaska
Comments: Thank you for this site. I find it very inspiring and helpful

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