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Ancient Hebrew Words: Assembly and Voice

By Jeff A. Benner


Name: Lamed
Transliteration: L
Picture: A Shepherds Staff
Meaning: The staff was used to direct a sheep toward the correct direction, or the curved end could be used to pull the sheep toward him. At times it was also used to chastise a disobedient sheep. With the staff in his hand, the shepherd would lead his sheep to pastures, water and the fold in the evening.
Definition: Authority

Name: Quph
Transliteration: Q
Picture: A rising and setting sun
Meaning: When the sun sets, the light is gathered to the sun. When the sun rises the darkness is gathered at the opposite horizon of the sun. This rising and setting of the sun is also seen as a circling of the earth.
Definition: The circling sun which causes the gathering of light and darkness.

Parent Root

Transliteration: QaL
Picture: Gathering to the staff
Meaning: A swift gathering of the sheep to the shepherd's staff. When the Shepherd calls the sheep, which are scattered around the field, come running to him.
Definition: Gathering

Child Root

Transliteration: QoWL (Qol)
Meaning: This child root is the voice of the Shepherd which is very familiar to his sheep.
Comments: This child root is formed by adding the letter (waw) in the middle of the parent root.
Definition: Voice
Reference: Exodus 24:3

Transliteration: "Qa-HaL"
Meaning: This child root is a gathering of the sheep which come to the shepherd when they hear his voice. This word is often used in the Bible for the community or assembly of Israel who are the sheep who hear the voice of God.
Comments: This child root is formed by adding the "aH" vowel within the parent root. Many child roots are also used as words such as this one.
Definition: Gather
Reference: Exodus 12:6

These words YHWH (the Lord) spoke to all your "qahal" (a gathering flock) from in the midst of the fiery cloud on the mountain and the cloudy darkness, with a great "qowl" (the voice of the shepherd). (Duet 5.22-24)

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