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Topics About Bible Translations

AboutAbout the Mechanical Translation (Article)
A new and unique translation of the Torah that faithfully translates each Hebrew word, prefix and suffix consistently and provides new insights into the Biblical text.

TheThe Truth About Bible Translations (Article)
The purpose of a translation was to bring the Bible to those who did not read the original language.

GreekGreek Influence on translations of the Hebrew Bible (Article)
It is a provable fact that translations of the Hebrew Bible relied more on the Greek Septuagint than the Hebrew Bible itself.

TheThe Yahuwans and the Word of Yah (Article)
Mr. Benner's investigation into Ralph Bathea's claim of finding the "original" Hebrew manuscripts of the New Testament.

TheThe Four Stages of Biblical Transmission (Video Playlist)
This video identifies the four stages of Biblical transmission; inspiration, preservation, translation and interpretation.

BiblesBibles are Big Business (Video)
Accuracy is not the objective with Bible sales, profits are what is important.

TheThe Mechanical Translation (Video)
About the Mechanical Translation method of translating developed by Jeff A. Benner.

AA Major Grammatical Error in the KJV (Video)
KJV Onlyists claim, "No error in the KJV has ever been proven." In this video I will give irrefutable proof of an error in the KJV.

Cherubims?Cherubims? (Video)
Why did the KJV translators translate this plural Hebrew word in the way that they did?