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Topics Biblical History

TheThe Archives of Ebla and the Bible (Article)
The ancient archives of the city of Ebla from the 3rd millennium B.C. were written in a Semitic language very similar to Hebrew.

ExtantExtant Manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible (Article)
Original autographs of the books of the Bible have been lost to history, but we do have copies, some complete and some partial.

UgaritUgarit and the Bible (Article)
Studying the ancient Ugarit language, which is similar to Hebrew, we can learn a lot about the Ancient Hebrew language.

TheThe Tower of Babel: Fact or Fiction? (Article)
When studying the origins of ancient languages, the Biblical account of the Tower of Babel must be considered. When was this Biblical account first written? Was the Tower of Babel fact or fiction?

TheThe Documentary Hypothesis: Who wrote the Torah? (Article)
Who wrote the Torah (the first five books of the Bible)? The majority of the Bible students today, within both Christianity and Judaism, will without a doubt, identify Moses as the author. Yet, nowhere within the text of the Torah is the author of the five books of Torah identified.

TheThe Ten Commandments in Ancient Hebrew (Article)
The Hebrew text of the Ten Commandments written in the early pictographic script, which was used before 1000 BC.

AncientAncient Hebrew Timeline (Chart)
A chart showing the history of events related to the Hebrew alphabet, language and bible.

Extra-BiblicalExtra-Biblical source confirms existence of King David (Video)
The 8th Century BC Tel Dan inscription, discovered in Israel in 1993, includes the phrases "melekh yisra'eyl" (King of Israel) and "beyt daviyd" (House of David).

AA History of the Masoretic Hebrew Texts (Video)
Around the 10th Century AD, a group of Jewish scribes called Masorites, created a system of dots and dashes, called nikkudot or vowel pointings.

EvidenceEvidence of the Historicity of the Bible (Video)
Archeological discoveries that have revealed that many of the people in the Bible are in fact real, supporting the belief in an historical Bible.

TheThe Tabernacle: An Ancient Journey with the Ancient Hebrew Language (Guest Article)
Andrew Hoy's work in reconstructing the dimensions of the Tabernacle, the Mishkan.

BirkatBirkat Hazan: The God of the Wanderers (Guest Article)
Article about the nomadic lifestyle of the Ancient Hebrew people.

ArcheologicalArcheological Discoveries (Articles)
Recent archeological discoveries that have an impact on the study of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet, langauge and culture.

TheThe "Hornet" of the Conquest in Deuteronomy 7:20: An Alternate Meaning (Guest Article)
Textual evidence suggests that there is an alternate translation of the Hebrew translated as hornet in Deuteronomy 7:20.