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Plowing through History from the Aleph to the Tav

An examination of the Hebrew words and names used for God and their interpretation from an ancient Hebrew perspective.

Title: His Name is One
Author: Jeff A. Benner
ISBN: 9781589394575
Publisher: Virtual Bookworm
Pages: 132

When we read an English translation of the Bible we define the words within it according to our modern vocabulary allowing our culture and language to influence how we read and interpret the Bible. The Bible was written by ancient Hebrews whose culture and language was very different from our own and must be read and interpreted through their eyes. When we define the names of God using our culture and language we lose the Hebraic meanings behind the original Hebrew names of God. Consequently the true nature and character of God is hidden behind the veil of time and culture. By understanding the various names of God through the vocabulary and language of the ancient Hebrews, the nature and character of God is revealed to us in a new light. The prophet Zechariah described the character of God with the words "sh'mo ehhad" translated as His Name is One (Zechariah 14:9). This phrase beautifully describes the character of God from a Hebraic perspective that is lost to us through translation and unfamiliarity with ancient Hebrew culture.

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Amazon Customer - I am very grateful to be able to understand God better so as to build a faith (my faith) that...
The idea of explaining God from a concrete format is new for us who are not Jewish. What Jeff has done here is to bring a light into my life that has transformed my thinking from the Greek mind to the Hebrew mind. I am very grateful to be able to understand God better so as to build a faith (my faith) that one day I could possibly stand alone with our Father & His Word.The bible was written to every level of intelligence, not to seminarians, or to college students alone. It was written that we all could know God & to know His requirements (right from wrong). Thanks Jeff. From John Haney

Eva Reddekopp - Most excellent! This is so helpful in understanding the etymology...
Most excellent! This is so helpful in understanding the etymology of words. The word pictures and concepts are so helpful in understanding the Jewish mindset when making references to the names of God. Very good. My only regrest is that the book is too short. I would have loved to read more on this topic, as I have plans to do.

Dain Smith - scriptures and translation considerations
I found this book to be informative and interesting. There are many considerations of language and culture when translating scriptures. The early Hebrew thoughts gave me more to look at when I am meditating about God and how He has dealt with me. Definitions of words that we use today have so much more meaning that how we use certain words to day. I believe this book would give any believer insights as how God has acted through out history and how He continues to act to His followers today.

Karen Jones - A must read!
Only 118 pages with wonderful insights! I have many underlined portions in this book and I am already planning on reading it again! Some parts brought me to tears in understanding the richness of the Hebrew language and the love of the Maker. Look forward to reading this to the kids!(we study together a lot)

D. Kvarnstrom - One of my all time favorite books
Would that our ministers were able to learn this and then to teach it to their congregations. This would really help us to know Elohiym better and become more like Him.

SylvaArtlinz - Insightful and Thought Provoking!
His Name is One by Jeff A. Benner is a very insightful and thought provoking book. I started out about a month ago researching material for a bible study and came across Lew White's Fossilized Customs online which led me to his book by the same name and Jeff A. Benner's His Name is One. Yahuah certainly works in mysterious ways. Here I thought I'd come up with names of our Creator, Saviour and Holy Spirit and have enough material to last a few bible studies. Little did I know that Yahuah had other plans - as he always does. All that I've been taught in church and accepted while growing up are now being challenged. I'm aware of what our bible went through with the rise of Emporer Constantine so I've been very receptive to all of what's been shared in Benner's and White's books. I know that Yahuah would not lead me where his hand can not guide me. The material that's been uncovered for bible study has turned into deep, meaningful life changing lessons that will affect many. Now, when I pray, I call upon the name of Yahuah and Yashua and have taught a few to do likewise. May the fruits of these writtings be bountiful and may all who partake be blessed! Shalom

Mr. Jason C. Jordan - Off with the Greek and on with the last
Jeff A. Benner's book, His Name is One, proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that learning Hebrew reveals gems within the Scriptures that will never be unearthed if one continues to cling to the sanitised NIV or King James English Versions. Potentially volatile issues such as the oneness of the Father and the Son and the trinity dissipate into obscurity when one becomes unshackled by Greco-Roman thought and dons a Hebrew mindset. A must have book for anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in a whole new world that is at best only hinted at in mainstream Christianity. Jason C.N. Jordan - Author of "All Lights on in the Master's House"

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