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Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew - $125
Learning the Hebrew language can be both fun and exciting. Upon completing this course you will be reading Hebrew, building a Hebrew vocabulary and even begin translating Biblical passages for yourself.
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How to do a Hebrew Word Study without Knowing Hebrew - $125
When most people do a word study they will open up Strong's dictionary, look up the word they are studying, read that definition and then move on. But there is much more to a thorough study of a Hebrew word, which will open up a whole new world to the reader.
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Learn the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet and Language - $125
The Modern Hebrew alphabet is only about 2,000 years old, but the Hebrew alphabet has a very long and interesting history that goes back another two thousand years. Prior to this modern alphabet, the Hebrew language was written with a more pictographic script, similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs, where each letter was a picture.
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