Ancient Hebrew Language and Alphabet
By Jeff A. Benner

Understanding the Ancient Hebrew Language of the Bible, based on the Ancient Hebrew Culture and Thought.

ISBN: 9781589395343
Publisher: Virtual Bookworm
Pages: 228

The Hebrew Bible, called the "Tenach" by Jews and "Old Testament" by Christians, was originally written in the Hebrew language using an ancient pictographic, or paleo-Hebrew, script. Through the study of this ancient language and script the words of the Bible will come alive to the reader in a way never seen before. When we read the Bible from our modern western perspective the original meanings of the words within the text are lost to us. Only by understanding these words in their original Hebraic context can we read the Bible through the eyes of the original authors. This book will examine the origins and history of the ancient Hebrew language and script and their close relationship to the culture of the ancient Hebrews. Included are detailed charts of the evolution of the ancient Hebrew script as well as many other related Semitic and non-Semitic scripts. Also included are the details of the root system of the Hebrew language, and a lexicon of ancient Hebrew roots to assist the reader of the Bible with finding the original cultural context for many Hebrew words.

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JPN - Powerfull & Informative!!!
Provides Wonderful Background Information for the Hebrew Language/Alphabet... Benner has done an excellent job of taking his extensive research and condensing it down in to a clear and understandable manner. He seems to have written this as a caring teacher who wants his students to understand and learn. Great Job!!!

Jack Hornbeck - Anybody who is remotely interested in ancient Hebrew…
Anybody who is remotely interested in ancient Hebrew should own this book. It packs a lot of very useful information into a small package, and it is very inexpensive and gets straight to the point. Buy this book and add it to your collection. :-)

mtsofyisrael - A great study tool of the Ancient Hebrew!
Jeff Benner's books opened a whole new avenue of biblical study for me, as he explains the meaning of each Hebrew letter, aleph through tav. His books have provided a solid foundation on the study of the Ancient Hebrew language.

Jbluenull - Fabulous book IF you want the truth of the scriptures.
This book on each Hebrew letter which includes the Hebraic thought and the culture brings a full bodied teaching that will lay a great foundation to the study of Hebrew rather than the normal language lessons that others present. If you know how to read Hebrew great! BUT do you know why YAHWEH used this used that particular letter or word? Almost all of us only know what we were told or taught by another. This book delves into the whole Jeff Benner approach on his education center of his website......I am home schooling and we are learning Hebrew through Jeff Benner's books and website modules.....If you are interested in the Torah - even though you might not know Hebrew nor want to learn to read or write it - you will love this book just on the Hebraic thought and culture.

Michael Carmack - Mr Benner Goes into Fantastic detail
This book gives a very comprehensive view and history of the 22 Characters and Hebrew Root Words. Absolutely Love This Book