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Ancient Hebrew Torah
By Jeff A. Benner

This is the whole of the Torah, in its original pictographic script, not the modern Aramic square sript. In addition, the spelling of many words have been corrected, by repacing certain vowel pointings with Hebrew letters, to reflect the spellings of words as has been found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Also available is the companion volume the Ancient Hebrew Torah Lexicon. (308 pages)

I would really recommend this to anybody who is interested in reading hebrew, it's beautifully and thoughtfully put together!
-- Tommy Hodgins

I am learning Ancient Hebrew and find each book by Mr. Benner to be interesting, very helpful, and I love them all.
-- D. Kvarnstrom

The first five books of the Hebrew Bible, called the Torah (a Hebrew word meaning "teachings"), are the foundation to the rest of the Bible. While there are many Torah books available, most of them use the square Aramaic script that is only about two thousand years old, but now, with the Ancient Hebrew Torah, the Torah can be read and studied through the original pictographic script from the time of Abraham and Moses. Each letter in this ancient script is a picture, where each picture represents a concrete idea. The Hebrew word , often translated as "God," is a picture of an ox head, representing power, and a shepherd staff, representing authority. These two letters, when combined into a word, mean "one of power and authority." When the Torah is read from this perspective, the text comes to life.

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Gronkey Kong - Very helpful, very unique, the Torah in pictographic Hebrew
This has been such a nice resource to have. I haven't found anything like it. And that's a shame. Its a bit shocking that more researchers have not attempted to do what Jeff Benner has done by producing a version of the Torah using the ancient Hebrew pictographs. If a 2nd Edition is ever attempted the only improvement that immediately comes to mind is that I wish there was more white space between each ancient Hebrew word as sometimes its hard to notice the separation of words. I know the market is probably not there at this time, but I would also pay to have a larger hard copy edition if it ever became available as well.

SMRa - with a nice modern hebrew parallel chart
This book is a gem. Completely pictographic, with a nice modern hebrew parallel chart, so it can still be used with Strong's Hebrew Concordance, along with Brenner's companion material. My only major suggestion is that the book be printed with opening from left to right, instead of right to left in the same way a modern hebrew Torah would. It is also naturally easier to read from right to left when the book opens from the left side. Thanx. All the best.

D. Kvarnstrom - A great learning tool.
I am learning Ancient Hebrew and find each book by Mr. Benner to be interesting, very helpful, and I love them all.

YahushaFollower - Quality Resource for Ancient Hebrew Torah
Based on the best resources available, it seems that Jeff A. Benner has put together yet another good book. As others of his, I recommend it. There is no English or any other language in this book besides the piecing together of ancient Hebrew. Therefore it may be best to purchase other works by Mr. Benner such as the 'Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible' and 'The Ancient Hebrew Language and Alphabet' before trying to understand the writings within 'Ancient Hebrew Torah'.

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