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Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics
By Jeff A. Benner and Michael Calpino

Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics introduces a fresh look and understanding of the first three chapters of Genesis. The author's have introduced Genesis connections with the philosophies found in Zen as well as the science found in Quantum Physics. (252 pages)

Interesting theories here. Very debatable, but interesting. And, of coarse, Jeff Benner's knowledge of Hebrew is really something.
-- Bernard Appel

To read Benner's translations is like diving in and exploring the vasts depths teeming with wildlife and intrigue.
-- Brian Carman

Since ancient times man has sought to understand the origins of the universe around him, and his place within it. Such speculations were once the sole purview of religion, but since the Enlightenment, science and rationality have also attempted to explain these mysteries, but from an opposing perspective. Conflict resulted and both sides dug in, clinging to dogmas that precluded any consideration of the other side.

Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics enters the fray with a very unique approach. Believing that harmony, rather than conflict, defines the relationship between the Genesis account and modern science; the authors have retranslated the creation story according to the ancient Hebrew pictographic language and in the context of the nomadic culture from which the language and narratives arose.

The resulting translation and its accompanying commentary challenge the common understanding of God, science, and the very reason for man's existence. By harmonizing an accurate biblical account with cutting edge scientific understanding, the authors present a mature religious ideal and an appreciation for the understanding of the ancients for modern scientific concepts. This is a book that will redefine your understanding of God, the world around you and your role within it.

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giselle - Genesis zen and quantum physics
This is such a wonderful informative book. New way to look at genesis. Easy to understand and its awesome to read it along with genesis from your bible.

Brian Carman - Exceptional Translation Work
"Anyone well versed in translation will tell you that it isn't even close to an exact science, and a person's beliefs can't help but highly influence their translation. Therefore, every translation is the translator's opinion due to the incredibly difficult nature of translation. Benner takes a much different, well-need approach to translation many have neglected to pursue. Genesis, Zen, and Quantum Physics is a unique look at the Biblical creation story through the eyes of an Ancient Hebrew, translated from their original picture language. Abraham and the people of his tribe were Easterners. At the foundational level, people in the East think and act very differently than people from the West. We Western Christians have no concept of how the Ancient Hebrews think. The key to understanding our Christian beliefs is to go back to the root. We must understand the way the Ancient Hebrews thought, the way they lived, and the way they viewed the world and God. Without understanding that, we cannot understand several key ideas in the Bible. After several years of research into the Ancient Hebrew culture and language, Benner brought together a diverse group of thinkers, both Eastern and Western, to help remove as much of his personal bias as possible and create this Ancient Hebrew translation of the first three books of Genesis. This is a rare glimpse through the eyes of an Ancient Hebrew as he tells the story of the Creation of the Universe. It is unlike any translation you will ever read. Benner does not say his translation is correct. He says that it is a translation with as much depth as he could draw out of the original Ancient Hebrew picture language. To read the Bible is like looking over the surface of an ocean. To read Benner's translations is like diving in and exploring the vasts depths teeming with wildlife and intrigue."

Asher - Fresh Look in indeed
This book offers a fresh new perspective on creation theology. It incorporates science and physics offering a balanced approach on an often divisive subject in academia as well as theological forums.

Keon_Tu - Good to know Ancient Hebrew culture and language
It is not orthodox Christianity. But a nice resource book to learn ancient Hebrew culture, language and contemporary diverse religions and science. The delivery is fast - in two days.

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