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Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew
By Jeff A. Benner

Anyone interested in learning to read the Hebrew Bible in its original language will find within the pages of this book all the resources needed to begin this wonderful journey. The book is laid out in four parts. The first part teaches the Hebrew alphabet through a series of lessons. The second part teaches word and sentence structure of the Hebrew language by breaking down each Hebrew word in Genesis chapter one, verses one through five. The Hebrew text of Genesis chapter one is provided for reading and comprehension practices in part three. The fourth part of the book contains charts and dictionaries of prefixes, suffixes, words and roots of the Hebrew language to assist the reader with vocabulary definitions and comprehension. Within a short amount of time the Hebrew student will soon be reading the Bible through the eyes of the author rather than the opinions of a translator. (132 pages)

I have tried 2 other Learn to Read Hebrew programs and nothing works like this has.
-- K. A. Beaver

This is the most excellent Hebrew practice book for the beginners! Absolutely recommend to anyone who is interested in learning Hebrew!!!!
-- Ekaterina

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K. A. Beaver - I have tried 2 other Learn to Read Hebrew programs and nothing works like this´┐Ż
I have tried 2 other Learn to Read Hebrew programs and nothing works like this has Use it along with books that explain the Hebrew meaning of words and the culture of the Bible (today's Bible is written in Chaldean, which is a mixture of Hebrew & Babylonian)

Johns25 - everything I have of his I like
I find his info interesting to learn, enjoy! I have almost all of his books, and watch for more as they come out.

chloe - start reading a sentence from lesson 1
I like that I get actual words and sentences to read. Yes, there are exercises to help with pronunciation but, ooh the satisfaction of learning real things.

calledoutwithwords - Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great book for students seeking to learn Biblical Hebrew. I did a research and I found that anything Jeff Benner puts out will meet my needs, and indeed it is a keeper. Right to the point and clear teaching without the mumble jumble.

doctorvictor - Great informational, Very helpful
I love this little booklet, it is full of very helpful information and is very easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to Read Hebrew

YahushaFollower - Quite a Study Tool!
I definitely recommend this book and purchasing it through Amazon as well. Do you love to learn about The Creator and what He truly wants you to know? Do you want to learn Biblical Hebrew in a way that's easy to understand? If you answered yes to one of these questions, you should purchase this book!

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