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About Mr. Benner

JEFF BENNER has authored over a dozen books related to the Bible and the Hebrew language, including his best-selling books, “Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible” and “His Name is One.” He is also an instructor in Biblical Hebrew and has taught thousands how to read the Bible in Hebrew for themselves.

Mr. Benner desires to assist his readers in proper Biblical interpretation, based on the original Hebraic context of the Bible, so they may gain a deeper understanding and insight into the intended meaning of the words of the Scriptures. He discovered that most Biblical and Hebrew teachings are missing a key ingredient, a cultural background to the language of the Bible. To this end, he has dedicated over 20 years of research, documenting the connections between the language of the Bible and the culture in which it was written.

Mr. Benner, along with his wife Denise and their children, lives in Mississippi in a log house they built on their wooded property. They are working to build a self-sustaining homestead.

If you would like to learn more about Mr. Benner’s work, get special offers and be notified of his new books, articles, courses and DVDs, he invites you to visit his website at www.ancient-hebrew.com. He asks that you bring an “open mind” and be prepared to see the words of the Bible come to life in ways you have never seen before.